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Joshua Barkdull

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I don't think this is the same r"ed moon" everyone else is photographing.
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DAT face!
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Joshua Barkdull

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Goodnight, sweet prince.
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The Windows 8.1 Update has launched as a quick refresher here is what you can look forward too. 
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Joshua Barkdull

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Been seeing this reposted all day. Couldn't resist.
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Joshua Barkdull

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So I am sitting at Del Taco surfing the web on their free WiFi when I decide to see what new jobs might be out there so I go to, just out of curiosity and see this.

Apparently DelTaco doesn't want their employees looking for new jobs on their break? I tested this theory with other popular job sites like Monster and they were all blocked.

Seems kind of shady. If it was a good place to work they wouldn't need to keep their employees from looking for work elsewhere.

At least they don't block the local community college website. That would be messed up.

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Joshua Barkdull

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It's odd. You'd think the vast majority of people on the road with me at 7:45am this morning were also trying to get to work by 8 o'clock. Yet they all drove as if their cars were powered by little hamsters running on wheels. 
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All I know is if they call it the Nexus 6 it better come in a Blade Runner theme.
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Only available in dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019 and have a lifespan of 4 years.
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Joshua Barkdull

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At the social security office trying to get a replacement card. Almost as mundane as going to the DMV, but something I could have gone my whole life having never experienced and I would not mind. 
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Maddox nails it again!
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Every now and then, probably less often than I should I log in to my band +Losers of the Year® facebook page just to see if we have any new action. This last time I got on there I saw in the stream there was a guy ranting about advertisement on TV.

Basically his point was that commercials used to exist so TV could be free, now we all pay for TV and yet we still have commercials. And if you are up late enough you will see entire programs that are just long half hour commercials. He didn't even get into product placement or vertical integration. I wanted so bad to tell him to Google "native advertisement" but I try not to ruin anybody's day while logged into the band account.

Any way It got me wondering what people here think of advertising and how much is too much?

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My name is Joshua I am 5'10, brown hair, blue eyes. Buns of steel. Men think I am super awesome. Woman call me "adorkable." Dogs hump my legs. Cats don't care, because that's how cats are. And I am also super modest. Like the most modest person in the entire universe.

I am a musician.

You might not know it from my posts on here, most are funny things I find online or technology related. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that I refuse to be one of those guys who will not shut up about his band. I do have a band, I think we are awesome, you can check us out by circling us here.

I am a dork.

An awesome dork with a weird sense of humor and a 'do anything for a laugh' personality. I like to tell stories, crack jokes, generally make people laugh in any way I can. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new things and cracking wise. I like to watch movies, even if they're horrible. I like to play/write/perform music.

I don't post many things publicly, so feel free to Circle me for the good stuff.

You can expect my posts to range across the following topics:
  • The Music Industry and Music.
  • Recording Studio info, techniques and equipment.
  • Funny Images.
  • Videos that amuse me.
  • Technology/Computing.
  • Politics.
  • Social Networking.
  • Daily Observations.
  • Random Thoughts.
  • Science Stuff
  • Things that will probably offend you.
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Recording Artist. Rock Star. Black Belt. Oh, also I created that Google+ Meme with the Rainbow Background.
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