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I SO want this app to work right. I'm on the Verizon GS4. I really wish MMS worked right. I've done all the tricks to try to get it working correctly.

I want MMS to work without using the stock app. No point in having to use two apps to do one job.

I love the look and functionality. But i get errors all the time. 
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MMS should work on Verizon without a hitch. We have many reports of this. Check the override stock, then input the correct preset apns and you should be good to go... Make sure you are on mobile data or use the work around though or it won't work
Can you provide a step by step guide for the suggested settings. As if I first installed the app? 
1. Check override stock
2. Turn on MMS
3. Select Verizon apns
4. Make sure receive and send through stock are unchecked.
5. Turn off WiFi and make sure mobile data is on
6. Send a test MMS to yourself. Should be able to send and receive.
7. That should work fine, if you want it to work with WiFi on, just check the WiFi fix option and it will disable WiFi and turn on data automatically

I can't give you a real step by step process cause I don't know what the defaults are. But it should work for ya fine. Many reports of this like I said, just mess with the MMS setting and you can figure it out
You did pay for the pro version right? MMS only works in paid app
Do I need to disable the stock messaging app in my phone's app settings? 
No you don't have to, if you do though, make sure you check override stock
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