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I'd like to introduce everyone to one of my dearest and best friends, +Barbara Joy Her band, White Winged Dove, is a Stevie Nicks tribute band. I've heard a lot of tribute artists, but none as talented as +Barbara Joy . This link is my dear friend singing "When Sunny Gets Blue", a song made famous by Barbra Streisand. It has to be very hard to pull off singing it- but just take a listen to the vocal talents of my friend. Isn't she just breathtaking? :)
A Stevie Nicks Tribute~White Winged Dove | Rock | Atlanta-Surrounding Areas, GA
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Post anything you like! :) I'll write a press comment too, why not? Anything for you :) xoxoxox +Barbara Joy
Fuck the haters. I have many haters of my own. I don't give a shit what other people think about me... And I fiercely defend my friends! If they can't handle it, they can piss off. They can put me on any hate blogs- that would be nice. I could use the $ from a nice libel and defamation suit. So, they may feel free and I would love to smile at them in court. :) +Barbara Joy
I'll write something up for you my dear +Barbara Joy and I'll even do a press release by next week, write something about you on my website and blog, etc. If they can't handle it, it's only what we know all to well, jealousy- and it isn't worth even worrying about. Talent is what you have my dear.
+Barbara Joy I'll just add to the list of people that diss me and defame me. We'll get filthy rich on libel and defamation of char. lawsuits.
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