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Just finished listening to the audiobook for this a second time, so I'm very excited to learn of the movie.  Curious to see how they will handle the transition from modes of story-telling, as the novel mostly tells its story through diary entries made by the main character.  Will they manage to get across Mark Watney's awesome sense of humor?
I'm very hyped to see this film. The novel was amazing!

Most of Ridley Scott’s The Martian takes place on Mars, but don’t expect to see any xenomorphs during the space adventure....
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Hovind is a fucking tool.
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I've been driving around for the last 45 days not knowing my license had expired like
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The conversation around Waco isn't bad — it just highlights how absurd the analysis of crimes committed by black people can be.
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But day after the day after tomorrow is...
So we have that going for us, which is nice...
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Yesterday I got to accomplish something that I had planned months ago. The idea was simple: throw as many overlapping layers over Aiken as I could without having to go super big. Normally if I wanted to cover Aiken in a bunch of layers, I would have been looking out to neighboring towns and cities for the anchors.

Instead what I found was a nearly perfect line of portals running north and south through the city, just waiting to be layered.

Anyways, the pictures include screenshots taken at random points during the construction, the completed fields, my weekly and present stats, and the whole thing with the western anchor taken down. I didn't throw any other fields of consequence this week so I'm willing to chalk all 378k MU to this plan.
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I live in Aiken, SC.  I have just recently received my Associate's Degree in Applied Science with a focus in Computer Networking.  I have gone through Cisco Networking curriculum with intention to receive my Cisco Certified Networking Associate certificate in the coming months.  I also received a Computer Networking certificate while attending Aiken Technical College.

I completed my time there with a 4.0 GPA, receiving placement on the Dean's List for every semester attended as well as receiving the Outstanding Student Award for the Computer Technology department in the 2012-2013 school year.

I have been working with, repairing, building, networking, and programming computers for most of my life.  While I am not as experienced as many when it comes to hardware support and repair, I am quite experienced and practiced in dealing with software and customer support.  My programming experience leans mostly toward web development, but I hope to begin development on several applications soon.

I am an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, both in written and cinematic formats.  If you choose to talk to me about these things, expect opinions to fly.
  • Aiken Technical College
    Computer Networking, 2012 - 2014
    Computer Networking and Programming Courses
  • Aiken High School
    1997 - 2002
  • University of South Carolina Aiken
    English, 2002 - 2003
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Application Analyst, Computer Networking, PC Technician
Windows Client Operating Systems, Windows Server Operating Systems, limited Linux distributions, MySQL, Access, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, C++, Cisco IOS, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, STP, VLANs, VTP, Trunking
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