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Hey, if anyone's nearby, these books are available for free for RPG fans who can come get them!
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Western Mass unfortunately is a long way from Cambridge if you only have public transit.... and I think I own copies of most of them :-)
I could use a few for my RPG combat research project. What's left?
There are probably some there we don't have and might need.
It's like GURPS books exist solely to sit on one's shelf for decades, only to be purged at a later date.

I'd take 'em, but I'm 1100 miles away. 
Curses! I have been looking for a copy of D20 Modern and GURPS Arabian Nights. If you still have them by Connecticon...
I won't have them by Connecticon. We're moving in a week and a half. If you can get someone local to hold them for you until then (Meg?) then great! I just don want to move them.

Evan, first pick is yours! Tell me which ones you want and I'll put them aside for you to pick them up this week.

Meg, once Evan's picked, you're next! Please note that those taking too few will find themselves with bonus books!
Mark, Eppy pointed out that they were obsolescence by Wikipedia. So true. 
Perhaps if Meg were so kind to grab them, and I could get them from her in July? If not, not the end of the world, just thought I would ask.
I think if I add any more RPGs to my collection, my GF will kill me. :)
I've done this before, although my stack was mostly WW supplements. I just dropped them off en masse at the local college RPG club.
Any that aren't picked up in the next few days will get aggressively donated. 
Could have done what I did last Camp Nerdly, and set up a bin of free books..
Vincent will be by tomorrow to pick up D20 Modern and GURPS Arabian Nights for James.
I will see what time the afternoon grants me and drop on by if available.
Nothing like moving to cull a book collection.
Ah, what the heck: donate 'em. I've got enough on my shelf as it is.
What about the shelves? I've admired them for years....
I'm going to miss the cataloging system.
Ha! I don't know if I'll ever have a Games I Don't Want To Play section between Games With Something Interesting and Total Crackpottery ever again. 
I have a whole book shelf of Books I Read Once and Enjoyed. Right below Books I Picked Up Somewhere Because They Look Interesting, but above Books I Was Supposed To Read In College That I Still Want to Finish.