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Making thought experiments about the world.
Making thought experiments about the world.

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Hi all! The twelfth myth in my original mythology is up, and it concludes the cliffhanger I started in the eleventh. You can read it and all my others on my Patreon page, and if you like them you can support me making more!

Special thanks to my patrons +Joshua A.C. Newman, +Simon Brunning, +Meguey Baker, +Mendel Schmiedekamp, +Michael Raichelson, +Emily Care Boss, Jesse Thomas Alford, +Shervyn von Hoerl, +Gregor Hutton, +James Mendez Hodes, +John Templeton, +Gray Pawn, Tim Jensen, and Tony Dowler.

Also thanks to everyone who's read the myths, told their friends, visited my page or even just thought this was a cool idea. I may not have names and numbers to attach to your support, but it still means the world to me.

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+Jared Sorensen talks about Dangertown Beatdown, which is both a Parsley game and a setting in Sell Out With Me!
In this backer update for Action Castle, Jared discusses the development of Dangertown Beatdown, one of the games inside the Parsely Games collection. Characters from Dangertown Beatdown can be found in the "Dangertown" setting in Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me. You can see the interview I did with Jared about the world here:

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The Kickstarter for MISSPENT YOUTH: SELL OUT WITH ME ends in 53 hours! Sell out with all us young rowdies so you can get my cyberpunk rollerdoll journalist setting, RLLRDLLZ Seek Truth And Report It!

As a side bonus, you'll also get, I dunno, like a million more settings written by people like Strix Beltran, Misha Bushyager, +Hannah Shaffer, +Quinn Murphy, +Jared Sorensen, +Dev Purkayastha, and a huge clique of even more punk fucks I really respect.

Click down this hole to fuck shit up:

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I want to shine a spotlight on +Evan Rowland, whose art for Noirlandia is up for an IGDN award nomination.

Everyone thinks I made Noirlandia, but I didn't. I just talk about it a lot. Evan's both the game designer and the game's sole artist, and the amount of art Evan created for Noirlandia is staggering. Evan illustrated:

* The Noirlandia cover
* 5-full page interior illustrations
* More spot art than I want to count right now

But there's more. Evan also illustrated every single lead for the Noirlandia stretch goal settings, which came to 110 pieces of art. Then, he took on the task of illustrating 24 backer portraits that could be used as characters in the game.

I'm really happy to see Evan nominated in recognition of his art. It's well-deserved.
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So happy about this project. It has my name at the top, to help you out if you can't figure out that "cyberpunk journalist rollerdolls" is obviously written by me.
+Joshua Newman “RLLRDLLZ: Seek Truth and Report It”

Joshua and I have been friends since I met him at Dreamation 2005, my first convention. He played another one of +Michael Miller minions in the My Life with Master game that rocked my world and turned me into an indie gamer. We got along great, and in short time we were very close friends. Joshua’s not related to me, but he’s my brother. And I am convinced a good portion of the cachet and success the game has had is due to his amazing work laying out the game. He’s told me that some of the work he’s proudest of is in there, and that makes me overjoyed. I’m so grateful he’s sticking with us for the new edition and supplement.

And not only do we get his great layout skills, but he’s made a super-cool world for Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me, too. I know this scratches an itch to do cyberpunk journalism, which Joshua’s been wanting to work on for a while. Plus, it’s got roller derby, which is fucking rad.

Tell us about The Authority you made and why you chose it

Cuz fuck that guy. Fuck that guy and the Southern Strategy, AIDS-denying, Watergate-bugging, affair-accusing-while-having-an-affair-and-abandoning-your-cancer-dying wife, vote-suppressing Confederacy that is the Republicans that Republicans say were good before Ayn Rando and Cheeto Benito started damaging their brand.

What is the clique like?

They're what happens when you have your community’s support for your leadership, your curiosity, your creative talents, your righteous anger at a world that hates you.

They're everything you'd expect from brave, smart people who have been told how valueless they are: they're brown, they're poor (or dispossessed — or, in one case, kinda want to be dispossessed), they're queer, they're women and girls. Some of them have gotten to a place where maybe they're doing good, but for bad, perhaps unsustainable reasons, and I want to see what players do with those characters!

Mostly, though, my favorite thing about them is that, while they're cool with kneeing a racist cop in the face, they are fundamentally constructive. They want democracy back. They want to build and invent. They want to play hard with their friends and hug when someone gets a bloody nose. They want to seek the truth and report it in a world that considers truth to be inferior to the voice of power. The RLLRDLLZ (and the whole Newspunk scene) is me saying that the kids are gonna be alright; that you can't have ubiquitous surveillance without someone seeing the truth, but it takes courage to show it to someone else.

The RLLRDLLZ are what you get when you suppress creative, truth-seeking people: creative, truth-seeking people with nothing to lose.

What’s your favorite thing about your world?

That it can be healed by a small group of people who are so brave that they'll put on roller skates to fight the power. That the United States is being held to account for not living up to its own ideals; that the ideals we're taught of justice, inventiveness, and perseverance can live and triumph against the heartbreakingly stupid cycle of authoritarianism that is America’s congenital birth defect.

There are no secrets in this world, only decoy untruths. Secret technologies have one iteration before the target of the technology adapts to it. Political secrets only last as long as Senator Dumbass remembers how to keep his private key hidden and the VP of Marketing doesn't get drunk and spill to the kid he's hitting on who has sensors woven through their hair.

And that means that technologies, which are the practical implementations of ideas, propagate FAST. A police drone becomes an underground news drone as fast as it can be captured and examined inside a faraday cage, though of course you'd never actually use that buggy, finking crap. You'll just repurpose its design ideas to make a better one.

That's why the RLLRDLLZ are: the garbage of their society, repurposing themselves because, like the soda cans covered in motion graphics and the drifts of crashed delivery drones, they might be garbage, but they're SMART garbage in a world that's stupid to throw them away.

If you want to get “RLLRDLLZ: Seek Truth and Report It,” or any of the worlds and hacks I’ve been talking about, you can make a pledge to the Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me Kickstarter:

The art for RLLRDLLZ is done by +Ernanda Souza. I really love it. It’s like a Star Wars poster full of badasses sitting in the middle of my book. Thanks, Ernanda!


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yes plz this hot

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Help me out

Misspent Youth is on TableTop again! Episode 2 is up! Please, share widely, and upvote my comment plugging the Kickstarter. YouTube links are the number 1 the Kickstarter gets steam.


(More-substantive update coming later, honest.)

(Hat-tip to +Judd Karlman for the link.)

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Phenderson Djèlí Clark’s flash fiction, The Machine of the World, is one of the stories that will be coming on Season 2 of The Kaleidocast, and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to make my observations as it emerged into Meta-Brooklyn, recorded here…

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*Damn the Man, Save the Music* is in its closing hours! Get your 90s music record store jam on!
It's the final 35 hours of the Damn the Man campaign, so I'll take this opportunity to ask folks to share the project one last time. :)

Damn the Man, Save the Music is a roleplaying game about a bunch of outcasts trying to save their struggling '90s record store from collapse. If you like "dramedy" games, games that challenge movie tropes, or games that tell sweet, character-focused stories over the course of an evening, then I think you'll like Damn the Man!

And don't forget about Record Store at the End of the Universe, the Hitchhiker's Guide-inspired hack of the game we'll unlock if we hit 18k. Thank you!

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I am deeply honored that the Kaleidocast podcast has invited me to illustrate some of their upcoming stories for Season 2. I’ll show you another one shortly, but I’m just so happy with this one, I had to show it first.
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