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Jōshō Adrian Cirlea (釋 成 証)
I’m a priest not a saint. I do not teach morals and I’m not a good example for anybody, not even for myself. All I teach is faith in Amida Buddha, the way of easy practice to be followed by those of inferior capacities.
I’m a priest not a saint. I do not teach morals and I’m not a good example for anybody, not even for myself. All I teach is faith in Amida Buddha, the way of easy practice to be followed by those of inferior capacities.

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This important article was recently revised and updated! In the article, "The Three Refuges in Jodo Shinshu" (check the link in the article!), and this one, "The Meaning of Arya Sangha in Jodo Shinshu", I explain how we take refuge in the Three Treasures (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) at Amidaji temple and Amidaji Sangha. Those who wish to receive kieshiki (refuge ceremony) at Amidaji must read both articles.

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"Know that the Buddha has gathered all roots of good into the three syllables, A-MI-DA, so that to say the Name, Namo Amida Butsu, is to adorn the Pure Land."
Shinran Shonin, Notes on the Inscription of Sacred Scrolls


"He (Amida Buddha) established the Eighteenth Vow, the Vow of Birth through the nembutsu, in which He declared that He would guide even people of ten utterances. When we carefully reflect upon it, this Vow is truly vast and profound. Because the Name is composed of but three characters (A MI DA), it is easy to keep even for one as foolish as Sakyamuni's disciple Panthaka, and in its utterance, it makes no difference whether one is walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, nor is discrimination made regarding time, place, or circumstance, nor is distinction made between householder and monk, man and woman, old and young, good and bad. Who, then, is left out?"
Master Seikaku, Essentials of Faith Alone


"The Japanese designation for Amitabha - Amida - consists of only three characters (A-MI-DA). Within this Name, however, is the merit of the inner realization of Tathagata Amida and His external activities, as well as the merit of Buddha Shakyamuni's extremely profound teachings, which are as numerous as the grains of sand in the Ganges. Who can fathom this?

[...] All of the merits of the teachings, the meditative practices on the phenomenal aspect of reality and the noumenal principle, the unmatched power acquired through meditation and wisdom, the wisdom of inner realization, and the merit of external activities, as well as all of the virtues and undefiled Enlightenment of Tathagata Amida, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta, Bodhisattva Samanthabhadra, Bodhisattva Manjusri, Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, Nagarjuna, and the Bodhisattvas and Sravakas of the Pure Land are encompassed in the three characters of the Name of Amida."
Honen Shonin, Commentary on the Three Sutras of Pure Land Buddhism

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"In the begining of 'Hymns in Praise of Birth in the Pure Land', Master Shan-tao writes:

'The Enlightenment of all Buddhas is equal and the same, but their vows and practices have distinct causal effects. Amida Buddha, especially, having made His profound [essential] Vow, has embraced all sentient beings in the ten directions in order to bring deliverance by means of His Light and Name.'

Moreover, in order to provide eternal deliverance for sentient beings through the Essential Vow (Primal Vow/18th Vow), Amida Buddha vowed that His lifespan will be immeasurable. This is the 13th Vow. To summarize, while the Vow of Immeasurable Light (the 12th Vow) was designed to reach all sentient beings throughout space, the Vow of Infinite Life (13th Vow) was designed to benefit all sentient beings throughout time. "
Honen Shonin, Commentary on the Three Sutras of Pure Land Buddhism

For an explanation of the 12th and 13th Vows of Amida Buddha please check my book, The 48 Vows of Amida Buddha, Dharma Lion Publications, Craiova, 2013, p 10, and 13. You can download it for free at this link:

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"When we, ordinary people filled with evil passions, the multitudes defiled by karmic evil and subject to birth and death, attain the faith and practice transferred by Amida for our going forth, we will immediately join the Mahayana group of the rightly established stage. Because we dwell in the rightly established stage, we unfailingly reach Nirvana".
Shinran Shonin, Kyogyoshinsho, IV

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Master Ryukan quoted Master Shan-tao on the so caleld, controversy of once-calling or many-calling of Amida Buddha's Name"

"The Buddha comes to welcome those who, at the upper limit, spend their entire lives in the nembutsu,
Down to those who say it only ten or three or five times.
Solely through the greatness of the universal Vow,
Foolish beings, when they become mindful of it, are brought to attain Birth.

And further, one truly knows now, without so much as a single thought of doubt, that Amida's universal Primal Vow decisively enables all to attain Birth, including those who say the Name even ten times, or even but hear it.

Those who say the Name for seven days or one day, down to ten voicings or one voicing - a single utterance - will unfailingly attain Birth."

Then he explained:

"These passages teach beyond all doubt that there should be no controversy over the positions of once-calling and many-calling; the person who has simply entrusted himself to Amida's Vow should continue to say the nembutsu until the end of his life, with birth in the Pure Land as his goal. You must not cling to one or the other extreme. I have been unable to express my innermost thoughts as I would like; still, I hope the reader will be able to grasp my meaning through these notes.

Those who adhere to once-calling as well as those who cling tenaciously to many-calling invariably meet with inauspicious deaths, for both deviate from the meaning of the Primal Vow. Consider this carefully. It cannot be said too often that you must avoid confusing the truth that many-calling is itself once-calling and that once-calling is many-calling."
(The Clarification of Once-calling and Many-calling)

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"The nembutsu is the single path free of hindrances. Why is this? To practicers who have realized shinjin, the gods of the heavens and earth bow in homage, and maras and nonbuddhists present no obstruction. No evil act can bring about karmic results, nor can any good act equal the nembutsu."
Shinran Shonin, Tannisho, VII

More in my article:

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"When we constantly hold in mind and say the Name of the Buddha of Unhindered Light (Amida Buddha), since it embodies the virtues of all the Buddhas of the ten quarters, in saying the Name of Amida, all the virtues and roots of good come to fullness in us. Hence, Bodhisattva Nagarjuna has taught, 'I have expounded the virtues of that Honored-One; the good I have received is boundless, like the waters of the ocean."
Shinran Shonin, The Virtue of the Name of Amida Tathagata

#Nienfo #NamoAmidaButsu #AmidaBuddha #Amitabha #Amituofo #PureLand #Sukhavati 

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Today, February 15th, its Nehan-e, the Parinirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha. Let us hear and receive in faith the most important teaching of His life:

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