On April 13th we celebrate Rennyo Shonin's birthday, and on May 14th we have his Memorial Day. Let us hear his teaching:

“Having thus attained the faith that is expressed through the nembutsu, we should then realize that, although we are wretched beings of deep evil karma who commit evil all our lives, when we once awaken faith with the one thought-moment of taking refuge in Amida, we are readily saved by the working of the Buddha’s Vow. Then, deeply recognizing the graciousness of Amida Tathagata’s inconceivable, all-surpassing Primal Vow – the strong cause of birth in the Pure Land - we simply say the nembutsu in gratitude for the Buddha’s benevolence, and repay our indebtedness to Amida Tathagata.
Nothing we know beyond this is of any use for the attainment of Birth in the afterlife, but these days, people talk absurdly - as if something were lacking - about unknown, eccentric teachings that have not been transmitted within our tradition; thus they confuse others and debase the unsurpassed transmission of the Dharma. This is indeed a deplorable situation. We must think about it very carefully.”
Rennyo Shonin, Letters

Especially in our days, when various false teachings are given more and more space in the international sangha, we must reflect deeply on the above warnings of Rennyo Shonin.
Click on this link to read a collection of passages from Shakyamuni Buddha, Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu, Ta'n-luan, Tao-cho, Shan-tao, Genshin, Honen, Shinran and Rennyo on the true meaning of birth in the Pure Land:


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