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If members of a city of refuge want to honor someone who was exiled there, the exile must say, "I am a murderer." If they still wish to honor the exile, the exile may accept the honor per Deut 19:4 #DafYomi 12b

Someone who kills unintentionally w/in a city of refuge is exiled to a different neighborhood. A Levi who kills unintentionally is exiled to a different city of refuge #DafYomi 12b

Gemara resolves conflicting baraitot in that if a father unintentionally kills one son, the other son is not a blood redeemer, but a grandson could be #DafYomi 12a

R. Eliezer: The blood redeemer can only kill the unintentional killer after conviction per Num 35:12, 27 #DafYomi 12a

R. Abbahu: Cities of Refuge were not given for burial (w/exception of murderers all are buried outside its borders) #DafYomi 12a

Abaye: Yoav also erred in that Temple altar only provides refuge for a priest w/the temple service in his hands #DafYomi 12a

R. Yehuda citing Rav: Yoav made two mistakes when he grabbed the altar in 1 Kings 2:28: 1. that only the top of the altar provides refuge 2. Only the Temple's altar provides refuge, not the Tabernacle in Shiloh. #DafYomi 12a

One reason why I love davening at HIR is listening to the best בעל קורא on the planet.

R. Ami and R. Yitzhak b. Nappha disagree re if the priest must die to effect the exiles' freedom, or if being deposed for being invalid is sufficient #DafYomi 11b

If someone dies while in exile, one moves the bones to the ancestral plot after the High Priest dies #DafYomi 11b
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