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Josh Wieder: server admin, curmudgeon
Josh Wieder: server admin, curmudgeon


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NSA Leak Bust Points to State Surveillance Deal with Printing Firms
Earlier this week a young government contractor named Reality Winner was accused by police of leaking an internal NSA document to news outlet The Intercept. The documents outline the intelligence community's take on Russian efforts to hack a variety of comp...

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Billing systems development now available
Good news for current and future clients of Josh Wieder Technical Consulting : customers can now retain a variety of unique services related to popular hosting billing platforms Ubersmith & WHMCS , many of which are not available anywhere else. The services...

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RAT Bastard
Earlier this week, several servers I maintain were targeted by automated attempts to upload a remote access trojan (RAT). The RAT is a simple rot-13 embedded PHP script. The script provides a means for establishing file transfer and permissions management v...

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Chop That Dollar
Its been quite some time since I've received a 419 spam message in my inbox. But - like matter itself - 419 never dies - only changes form. I found the message below in my inbox this morning. I was pleased to note that the message originated from Yahoo, and...

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Wikileaks releases massive trove of CIA documents
Today Wikileaks released a massive new trove of leaks focused on the CIA's IT-based espionage capabilities . Wikileaks has named the document release Vault 7. The trove has just been released this morning, so details remain sketchy, however the included doc...

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Testing Laptop Batteries
Since I was gifted a new Raspberry Pi this Xmas, I've found myself becoming much more interested in the details of computer hardware than I've previously been. Among the first thing that I've wanted to do with my Pi is build an on/off switch - Pi are very b...

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How to Authenticate WHMCS Admin Users with PHP
Over the past few days I've been working on a project that involved building an authentication mechanism for a new website which checks user logins against a WHMCS admin database. There are a variety of options for authenticating normal, non-admin WHMCS use...

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Assigning default ownership to all new files in a directory
Getting the hang of Linux file-system permissions can be tricky for beginners. I still have problems every now and again translating symbolic permission notation to octal permission notation and back again. One common scenario which can be complicated to en...

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A nasty pair of MySQL exploits grant attackers system root from any database user
days ago I received an email from Dawid Golunski through the list
illustrating one of the more brutal pair of security vulnerabilities
I have seen recently. Here's how it works.     The exploit uses a vulnerability within
MariaDB, Perco...

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I was interviewed by Fox News today
I was asked by Fox News to comment on how Wikileaks might be able to publish documents in spite of a reported shutdown of Julian Assange's internet access within the Ecuadorian embassy . You can read more about Wikileaks' reported IT trouble at the AP .
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