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Well XP, it's interesting to see that you haven't changed.
Within minutes of booting, I've received 7 system bar popups, 5 window popups, and a dialog that asked me to wait when I hit cancel, only to continue what it was doing anyway.
This is why I hate Windows.
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Oh goodness. And to think they don't get better than this. o.o
Remind me how Microsoft is such a large company...?
I liked windows 7, but yes, it's more bloated.
It's not nearly as bad as Vista though. :P
I'm tempted to say to the guys who made it, "Yes I'm sure, why do you think I clicked on it?"
may I ask, where are these XP being sold? besides eBay?
ok, next question :P Give me three reasons why XP is better than 7
erm, isn't the reason it has less memory usage and CPU demand because it was designed for lower quality hardware? and you yourself said you can just turn off UAC

my point is this: you saying that XP is better than 7 is like saying N64 is better than Wii, or iPhone 2 better than iPhone 4S. People may have preferences, because they're used to using a certain OS, but facts are facts, 7 is an UPgrade from XP because 7 was designed for better hardware.

Companies and businesses that use XP, as you mentioned, probably only use XP because they have crappy hardware :P
keyword: smaller computer shops
As for the less restrictiveness, if your looking for non-restrictive, just use linux! :P

I'm not hating on you or anything, just saying you should have said "I like XP more than I like 7" instead of saying that XP is the best :P
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