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How about a game where you just stare at a disco cube. That sounds fun, right?

PHPMyAdmin urls are the worst...

Bahaha, Dvorak, consider yourself conquered.

+OMG! Ubuntu! , just so you know, asking me to follow you on Facebook the second I enter your site is an instant bounce.

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Ahh, the good life

Dear +Linux Stall ,
In case you're wondering why I un-circled you,
it's because you post more random crap and 'funny pictures' than Linux stuff. If I want funny pictures, I'll search 'random funny pictures'.

No hard feelings, but I thought you should know.

Who exactly thought XML was a good idea?

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So yeah, guess what some friends and I got custom printed?

Dear +Adobe ,
Today I tried to download one of your products (which, by the way, set me back around $600).

I searched around your site for around 5-10 minutes before finding a semi-obvious download link (strike 1).

Upon hitting the download button, my browser downloaded a download manager. (strike 1 & 1/2, you should have an option not to do this)

This download manager downloaded another download manager. (strike 2, this is stupid).

I then used the download manager to download around 10% Flash Professional. I hit the (x) since I didn't want the download taking up all my bandwidth for the rest of the night.

When I resumed, the download started again from 0%. (strike 3, you're out)

You are a world class graphics company that sets a bit of a standard. HOW ON EARTH does your DOWNLOAD MANAGER not do something as simple as actually managing downloads?

A high-school student could build a more useful download manager in a week. Step up your game.

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The internet at large comes across as a bunch of hyper pre-teen kids with a chip on their shoulder, no relevent knowledge, and massive lurking insecurity.
They make the folks over at come across as Canadian-polite, British-mannered armchair scientists by comparison.
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