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Josh Uhlemeyer
Former Founder of MobileNewsNow.Net Contributing Writer for &
Former Founder of MobileNewsNow.Net Contributing Writer for &
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does anyone know if there is a fedora Google+ community?

Good,morning Google+ users!!! How are you doing?

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hmm so i switched from linux mint to xubuntu. I am wondering why is xubuntu so much more stable than ubuntu. Now, only if i could only get a driver for my  nvidia 9400m to work? The open source one works, but i don't have a spalsh screen on startup or shutting down. #xubuntu  

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lol..  there is no iphone :-)
The situation is getting out of hand...

Spoon boy : Do not try and bend the iPhone. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.
Neo : What truth?
Spoon boy : There is no iPhone.
Neo : There is no iPhone?
Spoon boy : Then you'll see, that it is not the iPhone that bends, it is only yourself.

#bendgate   #matrix   #androidiani  
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hmm starbucks... you do know it's October.. would it kill you to turn on the heat just a little

So, after a long debate I have decided that I will run another blog. No.. it will not be, which i know a lot of you may have read... at least i think so. :-/ It will be another mobile technology blog, but I plan on putting more video based content and that means getting over my fear of being on YouTube.  So, my anticipated launch date will be 12.12.14. I hope that the users on Google+ will appreciate an independent blogger. Now, I will still provide content for +STLTechTalk.and +Blogcritics Magazine  I am just trying build a bit of a portfolio. So with that being said. I will ask all of my Google+ users How are you doing? :-)

Hey Google+ users how are you doing?

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i love this song!
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