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Sakura-Con 2014
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Happy Twintails day!!

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Had some X-wing goodness yesterday at my FLGS and I took my good camera along to record the action and try out some things. I really enjoyed how the miniatures turned out in B&W.
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My secret Santa from BGG came through and got me one of my favorite's at the moment! I kind of wanted to wait to open it on Christmas because I don't have any gifts, but I didn't even know it was coming and I thought it was something else so I opened it.

Anyways, I still want to give a big thank you to Santa! I love it!

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Had a great night at Games and Growlers at my FLGS. I was stuck most of the night playing Pint Craft, which was an OK game, that kind of took too long to play when it got up to 6 players. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was pretty noisy which is a good sign. I mean even "whoo hooo" and high fives were observed. Then I was able to play at least two games of Walk the Plank at the end. Can't wait for the next one!
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Had a great day of gaming today. Got to play:
Carson City
Bang! The Dice Game 2x
7 Wonders
Lords of Waterdeep
Cover your A$$ets 2x

Then I have Mage Wars afternoon and then a games and growlers that night for more adult gaming after the FLGS closes.

Oh, and I get to taught my prey on the BBG Secret Santa too.

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Had a great day of board gaming with my new monthly gaming group. The game of the day for me was Vikings. Had a great time with that one, but it pains me to know that it is OOP and the cheapest I can find it is $75. sigh
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So last weekend I was able to sit down and play Golem Arcana at my FLGS. Now I will come right off and say that I am not a miniature gamer in the fact of buy minis, but I do like playing those games when I have the chance to. It's the closest thing to a war game I will play because war games are my kryptonite.

Anyways, the demo that I played was a 2 player 3 on 3 match-up. This setup was just the same as in the gameplay mechanics video on KS. The game itself took only about 30 minutes to play even though I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't get destroyed quickly if that is what you are thinking. I held in there to the end and had played more times then I have. Besides all that, I had a lot of fun playing the basic prototype of the game. You can definitely see how much more customization the game can and will have later on while you play it.

The module tiles for instant are their own 3" X 3" square. These can be placed in any pattern on the table. So you could have say an L shaped board or a diamond shaped board or whatever you can imagine a bunch of 3" X 3" squares could be. Once it's built, you just tap on all of them for the program to understand where they are at. Then the computer can calculate all the moving and bonuses you may or may not get when playing.

The minis looked great for being just demo copies from a 3D printer. Plus the scale of the minis was nice too. I didn't feel like I was just playing with green army men sized minis that would have cost me the price of a nice board game expansion each. The bases are a bit thin and you can't just pick it up by the base to move it unless you got some wicked fingernails. So hopefully when the actual minis come out they will be firmly attached to the base for easy movement.

Now we come to the stylus. It worked like a dream. Every click that I did was pretty flawless except when trying to click some of the minis and they moved... It felt good using it and hope the finished product looks as good as the picture. The one we used looked like a black toothpaste tube, but damn it, it worked! 

We were using an iPad for the software while playing. The software will be compatible with all mobile devices and PC if they have Bluetooth compatibility. There was no slow down or loading on anything that we were doing. It was quick and responsive even to my erratic click all over the cards. I think this is why you have to either double tap to confirm actions or actually clicking confirm on your player card just in case you get a player like me not knowing what they hell he is doing. Smart move Harebrained Schemes.

So, who is this really for? That's a hard question to answer. This could be the gateway game for the video game crowd to board gaming and minis. This also could be the gateway game for board gamers to get into the miniatures world of gaming. This could be for the beginner miniature gamers not willing to plunk down an absurd amount of money just to have one army of minis. The choice is really up to who you are trying to talk into backing this next step in gaming. There is only a week left and they are still a bit short on their goal. Personally, I would love to see this fund so that I can watch it evolve later down the road. 

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Got to demo Golem Arcana at the game store. Great innovation in game design and I hope that it funds. Also playing Relic Runners for the first time as well. Interesting game with a lot of little details.
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Picked up my copy of Love Letter: Kanai Factory Edition at my FLGS. Its very pretty. :)
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