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A Weekend Project.
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A weekend spent wiring up a portable audio source from reused or recycled parts other than the new fuse and some wiring which needed replacing. Hope to inspire some fellow hacker/modders to recreate their own incarnation of the idea.

The power supply unit was rewired to supply a constant 5v to the cooling fan, also acting as a load to ensure the head unit maintains memory.

A 8 inch sub is located underneath to supply low frequency. The 6 inch 2way speakers are a little too high in tone and required a crossover.

I also added a extra output for an external subwoofer in a separate box for extra punch.

So far I have had no loss of power due to high volume for excessive periods. 

The neighbours do complain though. Lol.
Sound system in a trash can? Pretty cool. Roll it up to the party and rock out. Could even add a cooler inside for beverages and some lights for when it gets dark.
At medium volume in an open air environment, vocals are still audible at around 270 feet away. So outside at a party is very handy. So far I have needed to add sound insulating material inside, filling the internal cavity to around one third full. I have contemplated a sealed box constructed from sheet steel and silicone. It should have ample space for around 16 beverages. 

Has been an interesting project.
Thanks for the tip on "never wet." I have not seen that product before. I attempted to utilise a cup holder, unfortunately due to a lack of structural integrity, things get shaken quite a bit. Resulted in one hell of a frothy beer. 
... and I was told I am crazy because of my Raspberry Pi Mobile Boom Box.... ???
Well in terms of structural stability, before I put the port hole on the right hand side it would resonate between 90 and 125hz. The sub in the bottom was to blame. I added tar backed foil. Ie. dynamat, but a heavier duty version. That stopped all hums and buzzes. I was going to use timber, but size to weight ratio, this thing wins hands down. 
This is genius. Great job to you sir, also, any chance of a demo video? :p, so to see it in action?
A demo video. Now why did I not think of that. I shall certainly have one up within the next 12 hours. My neighbours don't like it at 11 o'clock on a Sunday night lol. 
haha, i don't know and that's understandable Lol, take your time 
For a minute I though the Tardis had fixed its camouflage emitter...
Lol. It was going to be painted to appear to be the Tardis to be quite honest. 
For insulating material inside: just fill it with some trash :D
Sorry for no video yet guys. Long day with the two year old son. The only problem I have run into thus far is in the room 3 walls away, the glass resonates pretty badly. So a fine adjustment on the low pass filter and it seems a lot less noticeable. 
the amp on the outside??? stupid! you can't put that side in the sun!!!
No isolation will have a floating sound rather than a warm one!
the amp on the outside??? stupid! you can't put that side in the sun!!!
No isolation will have a floating sound rather than a warm one!
Due to size restrictions and heat issues, outside was the best option available. Well short of installing a few 80mm fans inside, but I did not need any unnecessary airflow or the drama of finding a few spare 12v lines. 
If you think outside will be too hot in the sun, INSIDE will be even hotter...
Just remember guys, this project is in beta stage. Just waiting for the rasp-pi and the 10 inch touch screen. Xbmc, a custom built ios application as well as a ddwrt wireless box inside is the ultimate goal. Trying to minimise interference from the magnetic field is my main concern at the moment. 
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