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What a week!
Gratifyingly kind words about FullStory and how we got here.

In a single blog post, +David Cummings includes a detailed history of the past decade of our work life...trippy. I say "our" work life because I've had the privilege to consistently work with the same group of thoughtful, motivated, and pragmatic people here at FullStory for many years, across many fun challenges, across multiple companies. A large portion of my karass, as +Scott Voigt might say. (And there are many others in my karass with whom I'm eager to join forces again–at FullStory this time–should we be lucky enough to make that happen.)

+Ian Rose +Jaime Yap 
+Joel Webber +Josh Teague +Scott Voigt  +Stephanie Brubaker
/me pours one out for +Kelly Norton 

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Today begins a new chapter. Our company +FullStory just announced a little funding and got a little press. But most importantly, we're opening up signups for anyone who works in product management, design, UX, or support who wants to try out what we're calling "customer experience analytics". As +Joel Webber said in a related post, it's like a DVR for your website.

For many years, starting even before my Google days, I've been wanting to make the web experience better for end users, and it unfortunately still has a long way to go. It became clear to us that product designers, developers, and others truly do want their websites to be great, but they really just don't have the right information to know what works and what doesn't.

We created FullStory so that product teams can finally see precisely how users experience their product. Instead of treating users as mere statistics ("7-day actives" or whatever), you can actually understand how your website feels from their perspective. Watching users struggle with a design you thought was obvious quickly upregulates your empathy and makes it crystal clear what kinds of changes would improve usability and reduce frustration. You just don't have to guess anymore.

We like to say that FullStory "settles all bets" about what you should do to make your web offerings better.

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+Wistia really is a neat little service for video content.

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I'm pretty proud of what we've just launched in Homebase for #agilemarketing workflow. It's what I always wanted for getting things done in a team (and...shhh, don't tell works great for product development, too).

Work items – we call them Efforts – can be clustered into This Week, Next Week, and Someday. It's clear who owns what, and it's trivially easy to change everything on the fly as the week unfolds.

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We're blogging now over at
+Bruce Johnson's blog post is worth reading just for the succinct description of agile software development alone (based, I assume, on personal experience).

Oh, yeah, and he's launching a new web app, Makes me want to get into marketing just to try it out... Maybe they'd let me into the beta if I pretended to be a marketer, but then I actually use it for other purposes...?

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Lots of love for local Atlanta company, MailChimp.
Here's an inspiring example of marketing agility. This post by MailChimp's CEO talks about how they moved fast, coordinated across multiple people (even outside of marketing proper), worked in thoughtful iterations, and ended up with great results. 

What we (+Kelly Norton and others) loved about this is how they did better marketing because they were trying to be more sincere and considerate of their audience. A takeaway, in my view, is that any approach to "agile marketing" ought to ensure that your draft marketing deliverables get in front of the right people internally (without too much process friction) before they go out the door. Those few extra tweaks can make a huge difference, as Ben's story makes so clear.

(via Kelly Norton)

Could +Andy Rubin be the new Pope? Curious timing...
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