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Suns out. Finally got the lawn mowed. Exciting times...

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Happy Friday, Goolge pluskins:)
I've got cool GIVEAWAY for my fellow photographers: AlienBees AB400 strobe!.
The previous one went to +Jefferson Clark :-)

Here is all you need to do to enter yourself for this giveaway:

1. Leave any comment on the blog :
Please use your G+ name and/or email address, as I'll need to find you on G+ as well.

2. Add me to your G+ circle.

3. Share this post.

4.Tweet or re-tweet this post.
if you do not have twitter, just use your other than twitter and G+ account to share this post: facebook, yahoo, etc.. It will work!

I will pick someone randomly at the end of the day on Saturday, September 30th.

*Wish you good luck and happy weekend! *

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Well dammit. Now I have to travel the world. That's gonna cost...
Brilliant Video Compilation.
via +Kevin Staff

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Absolute goodness.
I probably share this once every three months, but I love love love love it. I tear up every time and I love the little two-frame peck she gives him at the end. I miss my woman. Ugh this is the best short ever made, I quit all creative endeavors

Someone has snuck into my house and stolen all my cables. Not cool guys.

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I feel like G+ has been taken over by photographers. Not that I'm complaining :)
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