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Josh Summers
Husband & Father. Traveler. Loves Xinjiang, China.
Husband & Father. Traveler. Loves Xinjiang, China.

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A beautiful view of my road trip last week between two cities in China's far western Xinjiang region. I think you'll enjoy not just the story but also the video!
If you read only one story today, I think you'll enjoy this one from my Xinjiang road trip last week. It's packed with gorgeous photos and an AWESOME new video I've just published! Check it out:

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Join me this summer for the cycling adventure of a lifetime! :) Seriously...this was the most amazing adventure I've ever taken.
Want to know what's up next for FarWestChina? This video is a sneak peek of my newest project that will take shape this summer. Needless to say, I am PUMPED!

I want you to join me! Learn more here:

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An interesting, novelty guitar stand I recently reviewed. 
What do you think? Interesting guitar stand or something you'd never buy yourself?

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An interesting new monument in Xinjiang :)
If you missed the video earlier this week, you'll want to read the story of the new Xinjiang monument that has people in Chicago threatening to sue!

What do you think? Did the designer of this new monument go too far?

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Haha! :)
Did you ever hear about the major controversy surrounding Xinjiang's newest monument? It's looks strikingly similar to one you might have seen in Chicago... ;)

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I hate how I look in front of a camera...but this actually didn't turn out too bad ;)
Remember a couple months ago when I shared with you that a Beijing film crew had been following me around to do a spotlight video on what I do with FarWestChina? it is! :)

Let me know what you think! And kind with your criticism. I already hate how I look on camera ;)

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I finally gave it a try...stuffed lamb intestine prepared the Uyghur here in Xinjiang. Ha!

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Watching these crazy games on horseback was quite an experience!
What do you get when you cross 20 horses, a field with no out-of-bounds and a headless goat carcass?

A game of Buzkashi!

Learn how this game is played and watch it for yourself in this next episode of FarWestChina's new video series. Give it a +1 if you like it!

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The second episode as part of my new series on the Karakoram Highway. This has officially become one of my top 5 favorite cities in ALL of China!
The next episode from the FarWestChina video series "Biking the Karakoram Highway" is now published! Check it out and give it a thumbs up :)

The town of Tashkorgan has quickly shot up my list of favorite cities in Xinjiang (or China, for that matter) and this video will show you exactly why that is. Join me as I explore a bit of the city, meet some locals and have lunch inside a yurt on the "guz"!

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