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Sports medicine and performance enhancement geek

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Athletic Training Students: Are you preparing to challenge the ‪BOC‬ exam? Perhaps you already took the exam and missed by a few points. +Human Kinetics has you covered! Click the link below for your chance to win a free BOC Exam Prep course! Three lucky winners will be chosen and be granted full access to the course.

The course has a wide variety of practice questions across all five practice domains. There are three, timed 175-question practice exams that mimic the BOC exam. All of this is done online with immediate grading. No need to mess around with paper and pencil self-scoring.

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"Knock out Post Concussive Syndrome with Positional Release Therapy"
In this webinar, Drs. Tim Speicher and Regis Turocy, leading experts in the application of Positional Release Therapy (PRT), will discuss the principles and applications of PRT for treatment of post-concussive syndrome. The presenters will discuss how and why PRT is helpful and will provide video of three essential releases for treatment of this condition.
The webinar is set for May 10, 2016; 12pm-1pm EDT. Even if you are unable to attend the live event, registering will ensure you receive a link to view the recorded webinar. Follow the link to register now!

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I use PRT on most of my clients. It works great for many musculoskeletal syndromes, but I've never used it for concussions. You can learn how to do it for FREE!

Join +Human Kinetics for a free webinar on relieving Post Concussive Syndrome with Positional Release Therapy, presented by +Dr. Tim Speicher and Regis Turocy. Click the link for more information.

+National Athletic Trainers' Association +GLATA YPC +Fwata District 8  #ManualTherapy   #Concussion #AthleticTrainers  

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WANTED: Potential Authors in #PhysicalTherapy. Are you interested in authoring a book? What educational resources are needed for DPT Curricula? I want to talk with you.
Swing by +Human Kinetics at booth 728 during the upcoming #APTAcsm conference. While there, check out our newest titles by Mike Reiman, Dr Stuart McGill and others. 

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It's a discussion that will never die. Bro-science continues to purport bad information, subsequently, people continue to restrict knee movement and it leads to low back injury. Squat properly! #Fitness #WeightTraining #Lift #Exercise

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#Quads vs. #Hamstrings #glutes vs. Adductors: How simple modifications to the barbell #squat can target these muscles. 

The barbell squat is a great exercise, because it hits all of the major muscle groups in the hip and thigh. However, through small modifications in your squat technique you can target certain muscles better than others.

To target the quads: Have a slightly narrower stance (no wider than hip width). Keep your spine as vertical as possible (little to no bending at the hips). Elevating the heels 1-2" will help allow for a vertical spine alignment.

To target the hams and glutes: Hold a stance slightly wider than hip width. Angle the feet outward slightly and bend over more at the hips during the squat. A deep squat here will also increase the activity of the glutes. 

To target the adductors: Hold a wide stance with the feet angled 45 degrees outward and go to quad parallel depth. The Sumo squat, might be a better option to target the adductors than a traditional squat. 

Front squat vs. Back squat: Data shows little difference in muscle requirement between these two squat techniques. However, studies have shown that the front squat has lower compressive and shear forces at the knee and back. So those with LB or knee issues might choose the front squat.

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Hey #AthleticTrainers,
Do you still need to fulfill your BOC EBP criteria for this reporting period? Well, we are having a fire sale on all EBP courses from now until the end of the month. 

First, go to and become an HK Rewards member (it only takes a couple of minutes). That will give you a 20% instant savings on all EBP courses. 

Then, visit to shop our BOC EBP approved courses. We have everything from 3 -10 CEUs. Choose the online version, as that will have immediate access and delivery. 

When you checkout, enter the promo code A617. That will get you another 10% off, for a total of 30% off. You can get the 10 CEU course for ~$120. Most 10 CEU courses are $200+. So, this is pretty cheap. 

#BOC #CEU #EBP #NATA +Human Kinetics 

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Over 80% of the adult population will experience back pain at some point throughout life.

Today, I joined Dr. Ahmad, Associate Director of the Carle Spine Institute, and Clint Jackson, of Jackson Chiropractic to discuss the causes of back pain, how to prevent it and exercises to help ease the pain. 

If you know someone with back pain, give this a share.
#backpain   #physicaltherapy   #Rehab  

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The various types of stretches and when we should do these stretches. Here is my latest interview with WCIA 3 regarding stretching techniques. #Fitness   #Stretching  #Injury #Health
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