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tl;dr The communication surrounding your premier events is secondhand, inconsistent, and--frankly--terrible. It shows that you don't #RespectThePlayers of Ingress the way that you should, and you need to improve your player communication now.

Long version:
The following sequence represents the best information you've given your players about the next set of Anomaly Events over the past 4 months. Please keep in mind, these events are attended by your most ardent players, involve a LOT of volunteer planning, and thousands of agents spend lots of money to attend.

Sept 4
Global Community Manager AMA
W9Q19: Will there be a Q1 2018 Anomaly Series?
W9A19: I haven't heard that there won't be Anomalies in Q1 2018.

Sept 26
Global Community Manager AMA
W12Q7: Tim Fitzpatrick (Photofitz) - Will there be anomalies in Q1 and Q2 of 2018?
W12A7: I hope so!

Nov 13
Global Community Manager AMA
W18Q59: Gavin Treadgold (rediguana) - Is there an anomaly series planned for Q1 2018?
W18A59: Yes.

Dec 19
Global Community Manager AMA
W22Q12: Posh Chang - When will be announced Q1 XM Anomaly?
W22A12: We are working on a few things internally and are not ready to comment on any Q1 events. Hopefully this will be resolved this week or next.

W22Q160: Rafał “Sato88” Sabat - Some time ago You said we will have anomalies in Q1 2018, when do You plan to announce them?
W22A160: Ideally this week or next so people have time to plan.

Jan 8
Global Community Manager AMA
W23Q2: James Green (jkg5150) - Any news on those Q1 anomalies?
A2: Nothing at this time.

Jan 21
Brisbane NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
36. Anomalies?
I think people will be really happy really soon, we recognise that you need long lead times, if what happens occurs, I’m excited for it, because you’re going to have a roadmap and you’ll know what’s going to happen.m Some people say that if we announce things too far in advance… you have to keep the energy up, etc.

Jan 27
Melbourne NL-1331 Event (Q&A paraphrased):
6. If this was April 1st and there hadn't been another anomaly, would you be surprised?
Define anomaly... I would be surprised if there wasn't any sort of event. I can't tell you whether it's a traditional anomaly, or some other event.

7. Something other than mission days?
You'll know in the next couple weeks

Over the course of 4 months, we are told that 'there's no reason to believe there won't be Anomaly events', then flatly told "yes" there will be, then given a timeline for when those events will be announced, which subsequently flies by, followed by another promise of "soon".

Either you're unable to plan a few months in advance yourselves, or you're providing bad/unreliable information to your Global Community Manager. Neither option reflects well upon you.

As a player, as a planner, as an Ingress fan--this is beyond frustrating.

We, as players of both factions from all around the world, ask that you provide regular, clear communication from official sources regarding the cadence and timing of Anomalies, and then stick to it or clearly explain why things have changed.

You're not a startup on a shoestring budget anymore. All we want is for you to #RespectThePlayers by communicating clearly.
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