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I've made a lot of purchases and trades over the years, and kept decent records along the way, because organization! Here's how my experience has been:

52 total purchases made
48 successful
1 pending
1 canceled & refunded (after a LONG time)
2 unfulfilled and long ago written off (Laligurans and Obsidian Rio via IRFN......interestingly both done with a 'charity' component to the sale)

17 trades made
17 trades successfully completed without a hitch

Hundreds of UCR pins
Hundreds of UCR coins
Lots and lots of ViaNoir Chicago Swag
(Hopefully all of that fulfilled with minimal delays and ultimately 100% success...if not, it's news to me)

I'm not sure what my point is, apart from saying that I'm glad most folks in this community (and in Ingress in general) are pretty solid when it comes to the way we deal in swag about the game we all play.

How has your swag trading/buying history gone? Any issues of note, things to watch out for, or awesome success stories?

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#mailcall #PathofDarkness
Long-awaited, finally arrived. Thanks +Robert Vaughan for a dark and ominous coin with a really cool glossy finish (and again my apologies for that thing we talked about).
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#MailCall thanks to +Chris Tang​ and +Will Rogers​ for successful trades! Much obliged and very happy! 
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I'm looking to reduce my swag pile.

Things I'm seeking:
~Official Shonin, Interitus, or Recursion Pins
~Official Shonin, Interitus, or Recursion Stickers (individual sticker)
~Official Abaddon, Shonin, Darsana, or Interitus patches

If you know someone who has any of those items above who might be willing to trade 'em, you connect me to them, and I make a trade for some of that stuff, I'll offer a 'finders fee' of something you might be interested in (subject to my discretion).

I'm also open to selling some of this stuff. Because Cash is a thing I can use.

I'm determinedly NOT interested in trading for other cards or face/character badges. I really have very little interest in those (as collector pieces), so please no offers.

The face/character cards I have to offer are unredeemed (and yeah, I know there's another community for those). I'm very very unlikely to trade away any of the Official pins, patches, or stickers shown here but go ahead and make me offers. Please reach out via Hangouts, and remember I'm in the US and that time zones exist. ;p
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+Ruth Shepherd I don't know if it's just me, the new G+ account, or what, but anything I post in here is vanishing. It shows as a post in my profile, but it doesn't show up in the 'stream' within the community.

An example:

It should be in here, but it doesn't seem to be.

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This is, I believe, the only full collection of all the swag ever produced by the United Chicagoland Resistance. No, none of this is for trade or sale.

I also included some stuff I made myself (TheRedSeven button), and some non-UCR and/or non-Ingress specific stuff (The DC Shonin Shards 13-0 honor of Shard #Bob, and the LWA triangle patch, which is something I got from a local player and should join the Letter Writers' Alliance. Because we all like getting mail, and LWA is pretty great).

Generally from left to right/top to bottom in each 'column':
~Chicago-Austin Shonin Connected Cell
~Chicago-Krakow Interitus Connected Cell (original version)
~UCR Pin
~Chicago Helios patch
~Chicago ViaNoir patch
~Chicago ViaNoir pin
~UCR patch
~Shonin 13-0 Shards
~Letter Writers Alliance
~Chicago-Krakow Interitus Connected Cell ( op initials across the top)
~Chicago ViaNoir Button
~Generalissimo Button
~TheRedSeven button
~Chicago Helios buttons (white, blue, orange versions)
~UCR Stickers
~UCR Member Coin (Numbered)
~UCR Supporter Coin (non-numbered)
~UCR Gold Coin
~Via Noir Chicago 'dark as night' edition coin
~Via Noir Chicago Team Lead Coin
~Via Noir Chicago Coin
~Via Noir Chicago Sticker
~Helios Chicago Sticker
~Generalissimo Sticker

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4 years of Ingress. I never expected it.

I never expected to be playing this game for this long.
I never expected to have a game introduce me to strangers who became real friends.
I never expected to find community through a game--people who might jump to a common purpose for the sake of a hobby.
I never expected to have a game that gave me connections (and a common interest) with people around the world.
I never expected to organize an event for hundreds of people on short notice...and have so much fun in the process.

Thanks to each of you for your part in this. And whatever the future might hold, may it hold many more unexpected joys thru Ingress.

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8am CT, a special version of a Via Noir Chicago resistance coin will be put up for auction. The "Dark as Night" version. It's beautiful. It's rare.

It could be yours if you bid smartly. Keep an eye on for listing details.

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#koicheck ? Check.
#Whiskeycheck ? Check.
#Chibri ? Check.

Happy Birthday, +Brian Peterson


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Long overdue, but much thanks to +George Chang for the BRRN metallic bracelets.

The greatest thanks, though, go to +Ina Reding​ for the beautiful stuff from Zurich, Hamburg, (and elsewhere?) and the Ingress dice. So awesome to get this today!

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