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Finally got the new design integrated on my Germany tourism site. What do you think?

I have to admit, I haven't been tempted to become active on Google + yet. Seems like there was alot of initial excitement, but haven't heard much about it lately. Also Facebook has already added a feature very similar to Google + circles... not sure it's going to stick.

How important would you say personal freedom is to you?

So far it looks like every IMer and their brother are on Google +, but very few of my non-IM friends are.

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If you know me personally please comment on this so I know to add you to my personal circle. Otherwise I might miss you and add you to my "business friends" circles, which most people who add me go into.

So the only thing I haven't figured out is the purpose of "following" someone. I mean, there are circles, so...

Just traded my new HTC droid for an iPhone 4. MUCH better!

Crunching numbers for CPA appointment. I hate numbers.

I like the "circles." I'm surprised Facebook hasn't come up with something similar. now I believe I can have one account for business and personal since I can choose who sees what updates.
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