Is Cyanogen Mod looking to adapt Halo from ParanoidAndroid in the future?
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I doubt It since they was not big on Pie. And it dose not really go by the aosp
Considering that Halo almost surely breaks the Android CTS - no.
That's a shame, because it's a great feature.
It has nothing to do with stock so not sure what its need will be 
CM has too many other great features to pass up
I never really like when CM takes PAs stuff even if it's open source its like they are just feeding off them in order to keep a fan base.
It's an open source community. PA would love for CM to use their code
To be for what I been going by what CM is for the last 5-7 years it seems illogical; other Roms sure improve and intrigrate but I prefer CM to be like pure stock with just minor features to improve it over actual aosp. 
You'd obviously be able to disable it if you wanted. The choice is yours, CM uses should just be given that choice
But look at how it for there and how they used it.
Just use the app I shared it serves the same function. 
You get the same style and same notification use of it. Its a perfect sub
When on RC4-5 I used it and it did what I expected 
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