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I've been talking about doing it for at least four years.

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So I was very confused as to why fredi moved BJ when he first did it almost 3 weeks ago. In the six hole I figured he would just try and hit more homers and his strikeouts would go up as a result. So I did a little stat pulling and, though it's a small sample size, found something I thought was interesting.

BJ stats since moving to the 6 hole (first game vs cards at home):  35 AB, 6 H (4 of them XBH), 0 WALKS (yes zero), 22 Ks, 0 SB

In the 34 ABs prior (in the #2 hole): 7 H (3 XBH), 5 BB, 10 Ks and 3 SB

#6 hole:  .171 OBP and a .343 SLG
#2 hole:  .308 OBP and a .353 SLG

There are a couple things that stick out to me.  First is the 0 walks and 22 Ks in the six hole.  Clearly, a change in approach right? I mean BJ was "BJ hot" before being moved and immediately following the move his Ks quadruple while walking 0 times!  
Second, is the OBP disparity.  Again leads me to believe a change in approach (trying to hit homers).  
Third, this one really surprised me is the SLG is about the same (actually a bit higher from the #2 hole).  One could not even argue "well he's in an RBI spot now so he's suppose to drive in runs and there might be an increase in strikeouts".  Except he's not.  He's striking out way more and actually driving the ball LESS and on top of all that he's not even getting on base at a decent clip like before.
 Probably because he's trying so hard to smash that 2B or homer.  Unlike out of the 2 hole where he's hitting in front of freeman and just trying to get on base.   I mean I almost feel sorry for the guy (I said almost).  It looked like it might be getting it going, with the #2 hole and the glasses (april was his 3 best month ever as a brave) and fredi moves him to he immediately reverts to 2013 BJ (currently hitting .180 something in may).  Maybe I'm in the minority, but I for one would have liked to see how things continued to play out if he had stayed in the 2 hole, but I guess I'll never know.

Just a little rant and my thoughts on the subject.  

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LOL wrong curve.... I'm sure that hurt a lot... but the face of LIncecum.. priceless... lmao!!! #mlb   #baseball  
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Braves win!! 4/27/14
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