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Curious what an out of character Stephen Colbert sounds like? #tf

 He's terrific in this extended interview he gave at Google HQ last year. His comedy is more subdued and intelligent than the character he plays on Comedy Central. I don't know how well this will translate to a late night talk show format, but I'll at least check it out.
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+Evan Donovan  This is about as out of character as he'll ever get, I think. You gotta remember as much as the Colbert Report character is, well, a's still built around Stephen Colbert's actual personality and comic sensibilities. It's entirely likely that while he won't be a constant arrogant blowhard out of character on The Late Show...he'll still be this sort of silly, often intentionally oblivious, and sardonic individual. He'll be able to make dumb jokes about smart subjects and etc.

Personally seeing this video gives me a lot of faith in Colbert's version of Late Show, and I was already on board for that quite frankly.
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Josh Schweigert

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The prison system is in the U.S. is very broken. It's time to fix it. Important video from: +vlogbrothers 
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#autoawesome #throwbackthursday  

I uploaded all my old photos to Google Plus and this set of photos from a day trip to Chicago got the motion treatment. I love the little things that pop up with G+ when you least expect it.
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I used Google's AutoBack Up tool to  upload my old photos into Google+, and I thought I would share a few for #throwbackthursday 

This one is from my family vacation to Hawaii back in 2006. I used the #hdrscape  filter and it gave it a real ominous, stormy look. I'm sharing the original for reference.

Which version do you like better?
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I think the added detail in the rocks (in the first picture) is aesthetically pleasing, and I like that version better because of it. But it does look stormy, which seems inconsistent with what the landscape actually looked like (based on picture number two). I like the #hdrscape , yet I wonder if there's another filter that can keep the craggy details without making it look like one of the latter Harry Potter movies.  
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Josh Schweigert

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The things I do for work. Ran out to snap a quick photo of the river and ended up covered in snow. #t
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Josh Schweigert

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I posted this for work a while back. I think it may be one of my favorites so far this year! #tf

I still can't believe smartphones are capable of creating images this clear and mine isn't particularly new (gs3). What phone out right now do you think has the best camera? I don't get to upgrade until September, but the camera will be a big factor in what I get. 
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The Xperia Z2 has a nice camera..
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Josh Schweigert

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*Ranting about the How I Met Your Mother finale a couple days late. * #spoilers #t

I wouldn't have minded Ted getting together with Robin at the end if they didn't have to destroy Barney's character to do it. To me, he has been the most interesting character on the show for a long time because he actually went through a character arc. 

Ted starts the show as someone who believes in love and destiny and he never changes. He spends 10 seasons waiting for destiny to strike and than it finally does.

Barney starts from a completely reprehensible (but funny) place. Than they slowly start showing us the tragic things that made him this way. Absent Father. Cruel ex-girlfriend. Unbalanced mother. So we start to feel compassion for him even if we still can't approve of his behavior. Than we get a couple attempts to get better: Norah and first relationship with Robin. But in a pretty realistic move he fails at his first attempts. Than at the end of the series we finally get to see him pull it together and commit to a life with Robin. There you go. Full story arc. Cue curtain. Oh wait. No. Not only do the divorce after 3 years, he completely reverts to his past ways. And instead of being redeemed slowly over the course of several seasons, we get a 10 second conversion when he sees his daughter. 

Sorry. I guess the end lesson is that I had no idea how emotionally invested I was in How I Met Your Mother. Guess that means they did there jobs somewhere down the line.
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Josh Schweigert

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One of my favorite John Green quotes!
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I found this article much more measured and factual than the stuff on the big news channels. #ukraine #t

It seems like everyone on TV has gotten into the fear mongering business.

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Sometimes, between all the memes and gifs, the Internet gives us something really beautiful.

This is a great video on what it means to trust. And why we have to fight to trust even if we have been hurt in the past. #tf
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Trust is, if we're being accurate and pragmatic here, nothing more than the ability for someone else to harm you. Think about it. For example, a missile-launch computer is called a "trusted system" by the military because if it gets a virus or exhibits a software bug, it could do some very bad things. Or think about day care - in order for you to have two working parents, you need someone - whether it's a grandparent, a paid service, a friend, whatever - to watch your child. You are very vulnerable here - that person could steal or kill your baby any day and there's nothing you can do about it! The bank that has your life savings could go under, or the executives could steal your life's savings from you, and this has happened in the past. Trust is the nothing more than the ability to be betrayed.

I know that sounds really awful, but it's true. And there's a reason we sometimes do it, even knowing this. Some relationships just can't happen without trust. There are some things you can't do without giving other people the ability to betray you. So sometimes, in order to reach greater goals and enjoy bigger successes, we need to do things that make it possible for other people to harm us.

So if you have to fight to trust others, that's good. You should be considering VERY CAREFULLY if what you're doing is a good idea. If you have past experience choosing to trust someone and then being hurt, well, then you know what a mistake looks like.
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