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just wait until lunch money is in debit accounts with cards... our young programmer will not even need to threaten. he will just take it:)
"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one." Charles J. Sykes

True story. Local police used to pull me over for having "no light on my bicycle after dark." So I put an LED connected to a couple AA's on the front with a switch. I turned it on, and was riding, and got pulled over for no light again... same cop.

He got out of the car and said "no light again" as he reached fro his ticket book. I said "Oh, no no! I have a light" and pointed it out to him. He said it was not bright enough, and continued with his ticket. I asked "How bright need my light be?" to which he replied "I have to be able to see it from 100 feet away." I countered with "now that is a very subjective law that depends on many variables, including the quality of your eyesight, your use of prescription lenses, general visibility, and ambient lighting conditions. I'm fairly sure that law will fall on its face in a court of law. Lets try it scientifically. How many lumens need my light be?"

After about 45 seconds of silence, he said "What is a lumen?" I exclaimed "That is my point exactly! I either want your supervisor here to explain how many lumens my light need be, or I want to leave. The only third option is me embarrassing you like that with scientific terms in front of a judge, instead of just your supervisor, who should be on the way already." One short guffaw later, I was riding away, ticket free, my path illuminated by a single red LED, which apparently need only be brighter than the officer trying to write the ticket:)

The moral of the story: put geeks in charge, and things will generally make sense. We would have free wireless power worldwide, and would be using massive fields of hemp to scrub our atmosphere of carbon dioxide, provide our textiles, paper, and
keep everyone on the mellow. My how things will change when meritocracy takes hold...
That is an awesome story, thanks for sharing!!!!
+shogun x I had to pay for not hawing lights on my bike ones (500 SEK ~ 75 USD). In Sweden the law is 300 feet (see link at the end). Getting away with that is just impossible. Well I was used to live in smaller town where they don't check that kind of things, they only do in larger towns.|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8
Interesting, thanks for the info Aron :-)
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