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Josh O'Quin
Firefighter part of the time, hobbyist the rest.
Firefighter part of the time, hobbyist the rest.
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Cool article, and nice to see that Rafe ended up somewhere cool.

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Not a bad demonstration of an understanding of the effect of gravitational bodies on space.  Heck, even I understood it. :)

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While disappointing, it was a very Kerbal landing.

Nothing quite like that feeling when you scratched your project the day before you're about to give it away.  I feel like an idiot.  Hopefully buffing out the scratches and putting on another layer of wiping varnish will erase my sin.

Woodworking Math.  Where buying a $300 plane to make a $30 project makes sense.  Maybe I'll make it up in volume...

Quick question.  I've been asked to make a footstool with storage for a friend.  Her initial request for for a lidded box of some kind that she can store yarn and knitting supplies in and put a pad on top.  Subsequently she's also considered a drawer and shelf arrangement instead, but something along those lines.

I'm leaning towards a sea chest style because I feel like the extra width at the bottom will be more stable and would present an interesting challenge for my skills.  Bring up the bottom a couple of inches so the corners become feet.

My question is, does anyone have experience with dovetailed or keyed miter joints on a beveled side like a sea chest?  Am I biting off more than I can chew or will this be fairly uncomplicated?

Woodworker confession here.  I just bought a cat tree at the pet store. This after I've had a 4x4 post gathering dust in my shop for over a year, waiting to become a cat tree.

I realized yesterday that I'm not really passionate about making a cat tree, messing with carpet and wrapping rope, so it was constantly going to end up at the bottom of my project list.  Meanwhile my cats were going ton continue to perch on other high objects that weren't intended for them.  

Also, I was a little worried if I made one and posted it I would suddenly be in the cat tree business for my group of close friends. Failure, or clarity of thought?  I have no idea.

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Well played, Anne Wheaton, well played.  And you're a lucky man +Wil Wheaton.

Happy Birthday +Scott Meek!
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