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They maybe blown away, but there are alot of us Iphone 4 users pissed. Just how many times are these tech companies going to screw over their customers and vendors by changing the basic accessories? I have a docking station, power adptors and Otterbox and other items. I am not buying all that stuff again. You watch and see, I will bet that there will be a exidous or backlass about this.  Regards
Let's face it, the adapter thing sucks right now. But it won't be like that forever. You'll be able to get cheap Lightning connectors in a few months, I bet. Just like you can with current 30-pin cables. Cables don't stay the same forever.
Well after doing even more research I have found that Iphone screwed up even bigger. To stay small they still only have 2 antennas in the phone instead of the 3rd to be able to do voice over data. So it's a Android phone for me once my contract expires.
Well I got a pleasant surprise with the IO6 upgrade last night. The Iphone now can go into sleep mode. Only select phone numbers will come through for emergency calls, and the alarm will still work to wake you. Maybe Apple is listening after all.
Can anyone confirm October 5th, iPhone 5's have shipped and been received from any of the big 3?
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