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Josh Livni
Maps and Analysis while trying to fly. Day Job: Providing people with actionable information in times of need, at Google Crisis Response.
Maps and Analysis while trying to fly. Day Job: Providing people with actionable information in times of need, at Google Crisis Response.

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A little background about how we approach what to build on the Crisis Response team

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New! Intro video on Google Earth Engine, our planetary-scale geospatial analysis platform 

Google Earth Engine is Google's tool for analyzing petabytes of information about the Earth and its environment.  We use it to create images like the base image for Google Earth and the Google Maps satellite view, and you can use it too. This video describes Earth Engine, presents some examples of how it's being used, and introduces the tools you'll use to perform your own geospatial analyses.

#GoogleEarth   #GoogleMaps  

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At I/O?
Today at Google I/O, our team will be presenting on what we think is an exciting and challenging space for technology -- making people safer and reinvigorating democracies. 

Developers around the world are using open standards and open source software to make an impact in millions of people’s lives. This presentation will explore the motivations, technologies and challenges behind Google's work with our partners, as well as sharing lessons learned and opportunities for collaboration, with time for Q&A as well.

The session begins at 11AM PST. For those watching online, please visit the following page for details and livestream information:


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This site provides an amazing view into patterns of deforestation of time.  Very cool,
Monitoring the World's Forests with Global Forest Watch
Posted by Crystal Davis, Director of Global Forest Watch, the World Resources Institute, and +Dave Thau, Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine

Today, The World Resources Institute, Google, and a group of more than 40 partners announce the launch of Global Forest Watch (—an online forest monitoring system that detects changes in forest cover in near-real-time. 

Using technologies including Google Earth Engine ( and Google Maps Engine ( to map the world’s forests with satellite imagery, Global Forest Watch provides the resources necessary to view and analyze the the information about where, when, and why forests are disappearing.
With Global Forest Watch, this data is now open to anyone with Internet access. Head over to the Google Research Blog, linked below, to learn more.

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Marker clustering and heatmaps on Android
Check out new ways to visualize large amounts of geo data in your Android app. Read through the blog post for more info!

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This presentation comes with a cool map or two.

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These map diffs are awesome-- versioned spatial data ftw.   h/t +Brendan Kenny

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Ewa and I chat about Google's Knowledge Graph, and using the Freebase API to get data into a map.
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