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Here are my own picks from the shots I took yesterday.
Check back early next week to see the whole set, including those taken by my coworkers Sheryl & Justin!

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Here's all the photos and video from the Giant Slip 'n Slide on Potrero Hill in San Francisco.  Our site traffic is going crazy as this keeps getting picked up!

Just wish I'd known anyone could do it sooner in the day!

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Here's the direct link to yesterday's vid I took of the giant Slip 'n Slide rolling down 19th Street in our neighborhood here in San Francisco.

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The Weather Channel just asked for rights to show the video I took yesterday of the giant Slip 'n Slide on Potrero Hill.  Fun!

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I might have to buy this new Olympus Underwater Cam.
Built in RING LIGHT!
Also built in wi-fi, and focus stacking.
Great for travel methinks…snow + beach + sightseeing.•-tough-interesting-new-features/

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Yes, it's a picture of a funny whale.
But the post is really about Touchless Control on my new Moto X.

What Siri said it would be, but never was.
TC works incredibly well.

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I love my job. 

From a dear client who's been with us since our first month, almost nine years ago. Her family all contributed thoughts & photos to create a special gift for the recipient during a milestone birthday. Party in Vienna, home of their relative:

Dear Josh and Sheryl—

The Vienna 50th Birthday Party book was a huge hit!!!!  We had tears and laughs—it was perfect! 

Thank you so much for making it happen on such a short time-frame!

Beautiful work as always!

- Theresa

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How's this for a cool gift?
- Give us your photo
- We work our magic
- You give us a bottle
- Back comes a tasteful, distinctive gift!

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Back when iPods didn't know about photos. 
So great we can take nice-looking pix like this with an iPhone!

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Collage Metal is a Winner. 

For any given size of metal print, the Collage method is cheaper, faster & easier to ship than a single-piece metal.

Requires some professional help to get it just right, but hey, that's what Memento's all about! Our staff will optimize & place your image, then show you a proof to make sure you like it before we make it.

Read all about it at today's blog post.
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