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Social Media Entrepreneur - predicted 2012 election outcomes with 90% accuracy using online chatter
Social Media Entrepreneur - predicted 2012 election outcomes with 90% accuracy using online chatter

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I sat down with +Caitlin Jolley  to discuss using social media as a market research tool.

Caitlin is a bright entrepreneur who has a lot of experience helping new brands build an audience on social networks. It was a lot a fun hearing her stories.

One of the first things Caitlin does when she sits down with a new client is to help them determine who their target market is online.

In this article we discuss the 5 steps she uses to accomplish this.

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We're thinking of doing a weekly video on social media success and failure stories. Each video is ~1 minute long. What do you guys think of the concept? Here is our first video. Would appreciate any feedback.

It's about the Arby's tweet that generated over 117 million impressions (equivalent to a 30 million dollar ad buy).

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How Twitter's New Timeline Change Impacts You

Twitter has made some big changes recently:
- Popular tweets of people you don't follow will now appear in your timeline
- Some of your favorites will now appear in the timelines of your followers

This article discusses these changes, how you can use them for marketing, and why these changes were likely made.

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This is what I've been working on lately.  New free social publishing tool.  It saves you time and maximizes your exposure on social networks...from a super simple clean interface.  

You can sign up here:

If you refer someone that signs up I'll hook you up with a premium account.

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Flickr has a new app.  Pretty cool.  

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My older brother pitching on Shark Tank.  Landed a deal with +Mark Cuban  .  Way to go +Power Practical, and Mark.

Check out the Power Pot, and other cool portable power products at


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Richard Branson is looking for the boy who sparked his dream of going to space.  Hope he finds him.  Awesome promo video.


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My older brother is going on Shark Tank 4/11/2014.  Tune in.  

Their product is called "The Power Pot".  It's a little device that creates electricity from heat and water.

Here's their website:

#sharktank   #startups   #thermoelectrics  
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