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Achiever | Relator | Context | Adaptability | Learner
Achiever | Relator | Context | Adaptability | Learner

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So Instagram has been advertising it, and at least for my department account it happened.  They cleaned out your followers and got rid of the bots/spam accounts.  Our population only dipped 35 people, but it makes me wonder...  How bad did you all get hit?

Not sure if it is Feedly causing it or Buffer, but every time I hit space, it puts a space and brings me to the beginning of the text as if I hit "home".  Help?

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{New Post}  There's One File on All My Desktops

Sidebar: I am enjoying this publishing function to LinkedIn.  Anyone else using it?

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My newest post on IdeaBlendEDU!  Last week I talked about how we all are hackers.  This is because it isn't about computers and technology, but about curiosity.

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This is amazing!
Social Media Checklist
Here is a checklist that will aid you in keeping up with your social media. Having an account on every social website available can be overwhelming, and this infographic already helped us immensely. #googleplus   #facebook   #twitter   #pinterest   #youtube  

I talk about being a hacker, but really we all do it.  Here's my latest post on Idea Blend EDU:

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I am really excited to be back on IdeaBlendEDU!  Still talking about hacking, but here is the good news: YOU ALREADY DO IT!

Check out my latest post why here: #edtech   #edchat   #highered  

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