I just went running in about 35 degree weather with a head cold. I'm hoping it wasn't a dumb thing to do.

I had read that if it's not in your chest, then you're ok. Also, I waited until my fever had cleared by a day or two before running. I just didn't want to get out of practice and felt an itch I needed to scratch.

Bad idea or not?
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The last time I ran with a cold, the cold went away while I was on my run and never came back.  
At times, going for a run with a cold can completely blow it out of your system... but, sometimes it can force it into your chest and make it worse. So, the question is... "Do you feel lucky"?
I notice that I usually feel a lot better after a run.
C Banks
I agree with everybody. I have a head cold right now too. That 8 mile run and all the snot that came out with it relieved a lot of pressure. Sorry if that was TMI. :D
The cold weather run did temporarily open up my sinuses. I didn't know if that was a bad thing, though. Glad to hear that others have done it without ill effects!
I always run at least a little bit when I have a cold or allergies just to get some relief.
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