Does anybody run in the cold with a bandana or other piece of clothing around their mouth and nose to keep the air warm and avoid sickness?

Is there a technique to tying the bandana? I tried it for the first time and felt like I was slowly suffocating while breathing through my mouth (would've used my nose more except I have a cold right now).

Any other recommendations for clothing that works better than a bandana?
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I'd suggest trying a neckwarmer or a Buff. Saucony has a "drylete neckwarmer" that looks like a great option and is on my wishlist. For the time being my Buff works great.
Second what +Joni Waldrup says. Try a buff. I don't bother with anything as I find it more of a problem having my nose/mouth covered when running, but a buff will do exactly what you're looking for.
Get a neoprene(?) face mask. You won't have any troubles breathing with it at all. 
This year my training start early in January so I went to the Under Armour outlet near me and bought a Gold Gear Hood.  I just tried it on and it is really comfortable, I wanted something that if I wanted to I could remove from my face without being too tight around neck while still keeping my ears and neck warm and this thing is a beauty.
As a former Winnipeger, I'd say you can just get used to breathing in the cold air. It's not so bad after a while.
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