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Snapseed now available on Android, for free! Plus new version 1.5 for iOS, also free!

Today I’m excited to announce Snapseed for Android! Snapseed won best Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 from TIPA (, and now you can get it — for free — from Google Play.

The app works on any Android tablet or phone running 4.0+, comes with built-in Google+ goodness, and it’s launching in 8 major languages.

Check out the album of Snapseed-enhanced images from photographers around the world, then download the app at !

The iOS version of Snapseed also became free today and includes a few updates, including the brand new Retrolux filter, updates to the Frames filter, and Google+ sharing. The iOS version can be downloaded at

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Just got it on my iPad! Looks great!
It says I cannot install it on my Nexus 7 is this right?
Great news!  I just emailed support YESTERDAY asking when it would finally come (coming soon since January)  However, must note that the Play store link is currently not working, and search does not find it either.
"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." --The traffic is too damn high.
That's really strange. I'm looking into this now
Yeah, it's pretty much universally broken. Like a million voices all cried out at once, and then were suddenly confronted with a 404 or a 500.
Google: For shame. Today marks the first day in history that I have watched you fail under traffic load.
Seems to be off and on. Link looks live now
Seems like a different issue actually and it's with the server, which is still managed by our Nik team. We're working on bringing that over to the Google infrastructure. I think the problem was that there was a mixup when posting the updated web content, not due to server load. Hopefully fixed soon :)
+James Nixon Steel I also get a weird problem with the Nexus 7 compatibility issue, even though I have it running on my Nexus 7. Hopefully we can fix that soon.
Downloading to my Verizon (stuck on ICS) GS3 now... however not available for my JB Nexus7?  Big oversight, I'd say.
+David Cakalic It has been developed for and tested on Nexus 7, works flawlessly. We have no idea why when we put it on the Play store that it would show up as not compatible. We are researching this now.
Snapseed application is not compatible with android 2.3 :-(
The biggest reason why I returned my Nexus 7 and purchased an iPad for my photography work. EVERYTHING should be not only compatible on the Nexus 7 (or any Nexus device for that matter), but flawless and it just isn't. Someday it will be, but someday isn't here yet. 
Looking forward to using this on the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The iOS version has always been the go to app, pretty excited this has moved to Android.
We found out the problem with the Nexus 7. Now we're looking into the fix. Seems like it was a metadata problem, we're resolving it and I'll post back here as soon as it is ready!
I paid for it two days ago! lol O' well
+Antonio Rules Snapseed is only compatible with ICS (Android OS 4) and later, sorry about that!
Finally. This is the ONE app I've been waiting for since moving from my iphone to my Note II last month. I can rest easy now!!!

And this app SCREAMS on the Note 2! I tested it one a couple of photos and it's better than advertised.
Shared it !!!!  Big day at Google.  GIANT leaps...........
Still not coming up in PlayStore search. +Gordon Runkle 's link works though.
Been wanting this on Android since it was promised last November, and you just happen to drop it on my birthday? Happy Birthday to me! Thanks!
Downloading now, can't wait to use it with my Rezound's awesome camera!
We found and resolved the issue that is causing the app to indicate it is not compatible with Nexus 7 and other devices. We've pushed a new build online which should be available within an hour. Keep an eye open for version 1.4.1 on the Play Store!
Here's a silly question +Josh Haftel  - I don't have Niks desktop software but can I harness some of the presets here to process photos not taken with the mobile phone?  That would be awesome since I'm envious of some of the great looks people achieve using Niks Software.
+Michael Stuart you can use  Snapseed on any image, regardless of how it was captured. Many people use Snapseed on their phones and tablets to edit images captured by the DSLRs, CSCs, and DSCs.

And make no mistake, these aren't presets in Snapseed but fully functional and customizable filters. They're not as advanced in some respects as the desktop plug-ins, however they are quite powerful in their own right :)
+Josh Haftel I couldn't wait and went and tried myself!!!  Just Awesome!!! (didn't mean to belittle by calling it a preset)
Just posted my first try at it!
I will be using this feature a bunch as I'm not a big fan of my current phone's camera.
Thanks for the reply Josh.
Doug B.
Question is though... have any of the previously iOS only features been changed? Often when companies acquire other technologies, they ruin them. Case in point... Skitch, which was bought out by the company who makes Evernote. Holy cow did they destroy that app! :

I won't update Snapseed until I know that Google has only enhanced the app, rather than totally revising it.
Confirmed - works on Galaxy Note, even though not visible in search, you can push it from the play store in a browser
OK folks, things are changing slowly. If you got a message on your device that your device is not compatible, go to the link below on your computer. Then, click install and select your device from the list. The 1.4.1 will show up there and will let you install onto your Nexus 7 remotely. I just did it and it worked :)
Doug B.
Ok Josh, I'm trusting you! If you're lying... I'll find you!
Doug B.
oh, guess I have to add "lol" in case people think I'm serious. *which I am!  ...lerl.
Just got it and it works perfect on Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean!
Oh, and by the way, the website was also fixed. Forgot to mention that :)
Galaxy S2 - great
Galaxy 10.1 v2 - not available
Galaxy S1 - Works fine
+Scott Koegler I can't remember--is the 10.1 v2 ICS? If so, try again since we just released an update.
doesnt show up in the store from my tab. I'll try on the Tab2 (7") shortly
Is the tab Ice Cream Sandwich or later? If not, it won't show up...
+Josh Haftel I noticed that the availability for desktop version no longer exists @ Are there changes coming to that too? (Also, thanks for the great follow up work you are doing here... Quite impressed by that...) 
+David Cakalic The desktop version is still there. You can still download and purchase it, no changes at this time...
Snapseed can't handle original resolution on the Samsung Galaxy Camera? Image was resized to 2304 x 1728 from 4608 x 3456.

That's going to change right?

I have to send the image to my iPhone to edit it in full resolution. Not good.
+Oliver Lang Thanks for this report Oliver. We'll take a look at the Galaxy Camera to see what we can do.
If you need a hardware report please let me know? I've been really looking forward to this app changing the android potential.
+Oliver Lang Well, the maximum resolution that Snapseed currently handles is 8MP for phone devices and 16MP for tablet devices. This is based off of RAM availability on the different devices. Right now, Snapseed sees the Galaxy Camera as a phone device, hence the downsampling to below 8MP. We'll take a look to see if there's enough RAM on the device to handle the filters and if there's some way to support the Galaxy Camera further.
Just downloaded. Works very well on Sony Xperia TL although images do have to be downsized. Slick!
Thanks Josh, really looking forward to hearing from you. I'm aware that the hardware variations on Android can make this complicated. Fingers are crossed!
Josh, what happened to the old frame choices and the ability to adjust frame width and throw? Any chance of getting those back and adding frame adjustments to the new frame options? Sorry to see those old ones dissappear with the update.
Seems to work OK on iPhone but errors when posting to Google+. "For some reason your post wasn't made."
+Samsung hurry up and release 4.0 for Galaxy S2 so I can enjoy this as well
+Karen L Messick We created a large range of new and high quality frames with the update. Those new high quality frames cannot be adjusted in the same way as the previous frames. Try out the new frames, they're really nice!
+Shane Fullerton We haven't been able to reproduce the issue you're mentioned, however I did hear it from a few other folks as well. I'm curious what the problem is and why it's happening for a very limited number of people. Can you send me a private message with information about your phone, such as what device it is, which Android OS you're on, and if it happens on all G+ shares or just infrequently? Could you also try to log out of G+ through the app and try again?
Great app. Is there a way to add our Snapseed picture to a Google+ album and not just post it in our feed? I would like to create a Snapseed album (like Instagram create Instagram album on Facebook) and add all my shots in this album from Snapseed.

Incompatible with my Samsun Stratosphere. Too bad.
+Josh Haftel I really enjoy Snapseed on my Galaxy Tab, but my cell phone is still using Android 2.3 (it's an Alcatel One Touch 983). It says it's not compatible. Are you guys planning a version for Gingerbread?
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