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I Make The Best Wordpress Real Estate Blogs Around at - Check Us Out!
I Make The Best Wordpress Real Estate Blogs Around at - Check Us Out!

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Here's the easy and very quick way to edit photos online. a breeze to use and the best part about it is that you don’t even have to register! So you can use it from any computer you are on that has a photo you need to quickly edit. Great to remember as a real estate agent where you may jump on different computers throughout the day.

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Contrary to what many say about Google+ not "making it" this infographic on the link below shows 20 reasons I believe G+ will be competitive to Facebook as they continue developing their user base.

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At long last Google is integrating Google+ with their Google Places system (found here: that shows local results on a map when you search Google for businesses. It's actually now called Google+ Local Pages. 

There are a whole lot of changes that this article outlines really well. Next week I will do a webinar on this topic because it's extremely important for SEO as well as just general traffic generation from local search users (whether on mobile or on the desktop).

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This video shows you how to cure "real estate agent's writer's block" and find topics and keywords to use for your SEO blogging from Google directly. Check it out. It's only 5 minutes versus an hour long webinar! :)

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Facebook has made it clear. About 16% of your 'Likes' on average will see your posts. I think the less active you are on your page then the lower the percentage too. So for many real estate agent's FB Business Pages, you may have less. I mention this to give perspective on what gives you the highest and best return of your time when doing online marketing. Many people assume Facebook when you are probably better off focusing on creating content with blogging and SEO (because this has more reach than a mere 16% or less of your 'Likes').

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This video shows you the huge list of real estate related keywords in light of Google's new 'semantic search' concept. What you should do is use each of these individual keywords and create 1 blog post for each. Doing this will help your website rank for it's core term.

Get the notes on this link here

Then watch the video here where I explain the notes here.

Google Semantic Keyword List For Real Estate Agents To Blog With

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Google is CHANGING dramatically! Did I get your attention? Hopefully, I've been giving you webinars and reminders about this since mid-March. But now Google's search is rolling out the 'Semantic Search' update they talked about a few months back. To make this simple to understand, the way Google views Keywords is radically different now. Instead of looking at just keyword phrases and returning results based on them, Google is now looking at the intent of the keywords.

So if you search for the word "Lemon" then Google will ask you did you mean lemon as in the food, lemon as in a car, or any other entity they know is related to the word Lemon.

This will change how you blog and what you need to be saying in your blogging.

I did a webinar on understanding this right here

And I give you a step by step blog posting checklist for implementing this into your website marketing here

Then lastly, here is a webinar showing you how to find these semantic keywords

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In this webinar I showed you how to do keyword research for 'semantic' keywords. This is one of the biggest changes done to Google's algorithm this year so learning what it means, how to find these keywords, and then how to use them with your blogging is crucial to doing "SEO" right.

After going through the steps in this webinar you will have a huge list of keywords that when used in your blogging will help your website rank higher (as a whole).

View the Webinar Playback link right here:

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In this webinar you will learn how to search for Semantic keywords your target market is searching through Google. If you aren't familiar with Semantic keywords then you are missing out on understanding one of the biggest changes happening with Google right now.

Semantic search is Google's attempt at understand a users intention when they enter a certain keyword. For instance, if the user searches "Real Estate" then what Google wants to know is what the person specifically intends to find. Are they searching for real estate for sale? Are they looking for real estate agents? Basically, what was the intention of any keyword used in search.

This is changing the SEO game because no in order to be good at SEO you can't just use the same keywords over and over. You have to get into the semantics of them and use keywords that work with the intention of a user.

At first read it may sound complex but it's really not. All of this is simply a more efficient search process for Google to be able to display more relevant results.

So for you this also means opportunity! By understanding Semantic keywords and using them in your blogging then you will be able to rank better in Google for the main target keywords you are after in the first place.

This webinar will show you exactly how to find a wide array of semantic keywords that when used in your blogging will help you get more traffic, get a website that will rank better overall, and depending on the quality of your content, help you convert more.

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I heard a terrible SEO horror story from a soon to be Tizish member and the timing is perfect with sharing this article below. When I talk to an "SEO" that is working with a Tizish member and the SEO doesn't know that I am very fluent in the practice, then the biggest giveaway to their conning ways is when I hear the word "update meta tags." LOL. I can't stress this enough. If you ever hear a so called SEO expert talk about "meta tags" then it's a sign of someone living in 2002-2004 still, and they almost likely are not up to date today. You must really hate money if you pay these people and listen to them.
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