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Thanks for the shout out +Research at Google
We're pretty psyched about this new feature!
Google Translate: now with richer dictionaries

One tricky thing about learning a foreign language is that words have multiple meanings. Which Spanish translation of “present” means “gift,” instead of “the current time?" Now you can tell with Google Translate:|es|present

If you translate a word or short phrase, we often show several translations below the primary result. Those translations now include reverse translations back into your original language. If you are an English speaker, you can quickly tell that “regalo” is a “gift” or “present.”

We hope this feature helps you find precisely the word you intend to, in any language you choose.

Tell us what you think! Do you have a favorite example?

Special thanks to +Colin McMillen, +John DeNero, +Josh Estelle and Frank Tang who helped make this feature happen.

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I LOVE the Language immersion extension to chrome, but I've turned it off right now (my brain hurts)....
Here's what I love about Google, but translate specifically- You have these updates, but I can actually see and use the improvements. Not "It's better... but it's pretty much exactly the same"

love it. Can't wait for more languages on text to speech. So fricken cool!!!
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