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Graphic design: Software recommendations?

I've been using Pixelmator for a long time on the Mac. It's a great alternative to Photoshop. Fairly inexpensive, very slickly done – nice UI, easy to use, really a great piece of software.

But now I'm looking for something similar for vector based drawing. And ideally I'd love something that works great on Android (tablet) or iPad.

I'm going to try out Inkscape on my Mac, as an open-source alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

But does anyone have other recommendations of great vector based drawing tools for Mac, iPad, or Android?

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I used Pixelmator to help design my book cover, I also use Lineform to do vector art. Check that one out. I have a list of other apps in my book.
Thanks +Kevin Cullis! Downloading the Lineform trial now. It looks like it could be a good fit for what I want.
As my grandfather always said, "pay enough to get the job done!" :D
I wrote and designed my book completely in Apple's iWork Pages and get a B+ or A- from a professional editor here in Denver. I follow my grandfather's advice. :D
After playing with the trial version, I really like it, so I bought it.

But then wanted to see if there was any chance they were developing a iPad version, and found this thread:

Sounds like it's not in much active development, and given I've already noticed a couple of minor bugs, that worries me a little.

Since I already paid for it, I'm going to give it a go, but there are other good recommendations in that thread that others may want to check out.
I am a long time cross-platform Inkscape user. It's fantastic.
Inkscape does seem pretty good. But on the Mac the UI feels clunky, and I was having trouble doing simple things with it. Of course that may have been my lack of knowledge in all things vector graphic editing. ;-)
I hear this a lot. I read Dimitry Kosonov's Book of Inkscape, and learned a lot about the unique interface. I can say that I use it on a MBP, and have grown to truly love it, assuredly never returning to Illustrator or Corel Draw.
+John LeMasney , I'd only use Inkscape if Apple's iWork Pages could not do the job. Pay enough to get the job done and simply. I agree with +Josh Estelle that the UI is a little clunky.
+Kevin Cullis To each their own. I'm just glad I don't have to use iWork to do graphic design, or anything else.
+John LeMasney , there IS a big difference between good, better, and best, and sometimes good is good enough, sometimes best is best. It is nice to have a choice.
+Kevin Cullis I don;t think we disagree on your notion. I just think we disagree on what's best. I can totally live with that.
+John LeMasney, best is a relative term, and I can live with your acceptance of other or alternative views. :D
I have not found andy web-based vector program that I really like but you should also check out It is the photoshop replacement that I tend to use. My @ logo was created in it.
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