Tutorial: Google Translate for Google+

Since the release of our Chrome extension that enables Google Translate on Google+, I've been meaning to put together a quick tutorial showing how to install and use the extension.

I haven't had a chance, so instead I'll share this great short video +James Brooks put together demonstrating the feature. Thanks James!

The only things not covered in this demo video are:

Comment translation – The extension works just as well on comments too! Just hover the comment and you should see a 'Translate' link next to the +1 button.

Options – There are several configurable options in the extension options. You can change the background color shown behind translations, the target language to translate to, and whether to always add the 'Translate' links or to only add them when you click the extension link. Update: Check out this great description of how to install and setup the extension http://wegetplus.net/2011/09/02/chrome-extension-google-translate-for-google/

Enjoy! Keep your questions, comments, and feedback coming!

Update: Here's a link directly to the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jfppgkomfopklagggkjiaddgndkgopgl

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