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Tutorial: Google Translate for Google+

Since the release of our Chrome extension that enables Google Translate on Google+, I've been meaning to put together a quick tutorial showing how to install and use the extension.

I haven't had a chance, so instead I'll share this great short video +James Brooks put together demonstrating the feature. Thanks James!

The only things not covered in this demo video are:

Comment translation – The extension works just as well on comments too! Just hover the comment and you should see a 'Translate' link next to the +1 button.

Options – There are several configurable options in the extension options. You can change the background color shown behind translations, the target language to translate to, and whether to always add the 'Translate' links or to only add them when you click the extension link. Update: Check out this great description of how to install and setup the extension

Enjoy! Keep your questions, comments, and feedback coming!

Update: Here's a link directly to the extension:

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Here's a wild idea - when you do your Tutorial, offer it in Spanish first!
I don't think so. How do you mean? The Chrome extension provides Google Translate for Google+ users.
Updated the heading :) More clear?
I just wanted to correct a hit-and-miss translation on today - but since the new UI is out, there's no option to 'provide translation' anymore? Many auto-translations are still Haikus - grammar and context are too hard for brute-force via pure dictionary 1:1 translations, still.
+Alex Trpkovic The best way for you to give us corrections on a translation is to use the alternative translation feature – hover over the translation, click the incorrect phrase, select the correction or enter your own. If the error is the order of the phrases, you can shift-drag the phrases to reorder them.
ah, shift-drag was the one thing I didn't know about. Will do. Thanks :)
Hey Josh - glad you liked the video! Thank you for the awesome extension.

Please keep me updated as we are always blogging about cool new Google+ stuff at our blog!
Glad our video was good enough for your endorsement +Josh Estelle ! We are honored to have been of value. ;)
This is a great feature, but it is not available while viewing photo.
Please add this feature to the Google+ mobile app too. Thanks.
+Lord Blizzard Great suggestion, however I'd rather focus our efforts on getting a feature like this integrated into Google+ natively, extension free.

+Isak Mongan Great feedback, thanks! However, like above, instead of hacking this into the extension, support for photos and mobile are likely things I'd like to see make it into a true integration into Google+.

+Kathy Gill Thanks Kathy! Just added a link to that how-to to the post.
+Ted LeBlond Not sure I understand. The point of the extension is you don't have to cut-and-paste. You can translate directly from within Google+.
Fair enough +Ted LeBlond. Hopefully before too long, we'll have a solution for all our users.
This will be helpful and let me avoid the right click-translate this page feature native to Chrome. I am hoping Google translate will get better. For going between European languages, it's great. Clean translations. But going between European and Asian languages is still fairly weak. Any way you guys can think, as you build this natively into G+, to get help from the many bilingual people here to help improve the ability of translate for certain languages?
+Josh Estelle Yo Josh, +Bob Moore reposted this, and I commented there that when you bring this to FireFox, I'll send cookies. I mean it: I will.
:) I do like me some cookies. What kind? I'll definitely be working towards bringing this to Firefox, and more.
Oatmeal raisin are always pretty good =P
Just remind me when it's released, and they'll be on the way.
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