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Hi everyone!

We've heard from a lot of Google+ users wanting an easier way to understand posts written in other languages. I'm an engineer on Google Translate and thought we could do something about that.

That's why I'm happy to announce our Chrome extension, Google Translate for Google+, that using the power of Google Translate, can automatically translate any post or comment into more than 50 languages.

Once you've installed the extension, refresh Google+ and you'll see Translate links next to posts and comments. Click the links to instantly see translations.

You can get the extension here:

We hope you'll give it a try and let us know what you think!


Update: I'd like to clarify that this extension is currently experimental, as we figure out the best way to integrate translation into the Google+ community. So please give us your feedback in the comments, or by clicking the “Send Feedback” button. Thanks!

Update: Here's some helpful links to how to install, setup, and use the extension:
How To Translate in Google+ with Google Chrome

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Thanks !
PS - why not integrate this into the tool itself, if you're working at Google?
I it that it's just too long a wait to integrate it, and so you're cordially adding it immediately as a Chrome extension. Also, will it break and have to be re-installed, as Google makes updates everyday ? (CSS changes, etc).
Now THAT'S innovation! You guys and girls continue to astound and impress me.
+Josh Estelle - Extention? Why an extention? why not build it into Google+ Where it sees what your choice language is and translates the stream on the fly. Many people cannot install extentions on oh work computers or in a internet caffee and in many other situations. They are both google products why not bring them together properly? +Bradley Horowitz
+Carl Levinson I'm definitely excited in seeing this functionality baked directly into Google+ too. But for now, this was a quick way to get it out to our users, get some feedback, and then go from there. Thanks!

As for stability, this extension will need updating when certain aspects of Google+ change, but it is my intention that users of the extension will never notice any disruption.
Terrific - well done.
Curious why this wasn't there on launch day, June 30th?

PS - I speak and read Chinese and Japanese, 27 years.
+Josh Estelle As for google translate BTW it needs a function to ALWAYS translate pages if i so choose and not always bug me with a pop up.. (refering to my google translate on my chromebook.. :) ) I am glad that this is a first step to get the products brought together! Great job!!!
Just installed it - well designed, and working GREAT !!!!!!
I am going to test this right off. Genius. I agree long term integration into the G+ is going to be the key as this continues to go global. Currently I have to link to the public post or 'gasp' copy and past the actual text info Google language tools. There is a bug, btw, where many, say 50%, of the public post URLs don't work with the Google translation throws an error. But this is exactly what I've been looking for, an integrated link. Want RFE's yet? =) learn translation behavior and auto-translation users which are routinely translated, with the un-translate being the alternative link option. I don't always translate German, French and Spanish, but I always will Korean, Chinese (Han), etc.
+David D. Stanton Thanks for the feedback. I definitely understand the limitations of Chrome extensions. The Translate team won't be stopping here. We believe strongly in making all content all users encounter accessible in every language. This extension is just one more stepping stone in that direction.
99% users don't download any browser extensions (except the most necessary ones such as AdBlock Plus).
Hmm.... is it intentional that it picks the language of my Chrome browser UI (English), and not the language of my Google+ UI (Norwegian)?
I know I'm weird.....
Josh - this is brilliant my friend - you may have moved international communications forward a giant leap ;-)
+Josh Estelle No problem I am a HUGE fan and user of Google Translate from when it first went public and its only became better and better over time! Thank you for making such a great tool for breaking down the walls that language can cause in knowledge sharing!
+Harald "No nickname" Alvestrand Yes, kind-of. I would have preferred to use your Google+ UI language, but from within an extension it was difficult (impossible?) to localize off anything other than your Chrome UI language. Good feedback and something we could address with a native implementation.
This is great but unfortunatly does not have Icelandic.
liang z
great job
+Josh Estelle Thank you, thats very useful! - Just two questions: is it possible to translate just one word (like in Bubble translate: And is it possible to translate backwards?
Very pleased to see this available. Something I've been asking for for a while now.
Works great.... Love how things are being improved daily here....
wow ... everyday something new ... pretty exciting!

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谢谢 - Yours, 雷声 (Carl Levinson)
would rather have SEARCH. I can't find posts I commented on yesterday. There is no rear view mirror. Vote up to let Google know SEARCH would be valuable. (Maybe they can license Bing from Microsoft or something)
Please roll out for Firefox next. I'm not a fan of Chrome.
I rely a lot on Google Translate and have a ton of people I read on talk to here and on Buzz, previously, who don't post in English. This is freaking AWESOME, thank more copying and pasting or relying on third party extensions that launch another page or whatever.
Doesn't seem to work on the comments? Ei toimi vielä kommenteissa, vai kuinka?
+Cora Triton neither of those are possible right now, but they are great suggestions!

+Michael Bond great suggestions!

+Jaana Nyström it does work on comments. Just hover over the comment and you should see the Translate link next to the +1 button.
Are you hovering in the 'notification' panel or in the actual stream? The extension doesn't work for the notification panel.
Hovering DOES indeed work for comments !!!
Nicely done !!!!
I really enjoyed this in Wave, so I'm thrilled to see it here. Thanks.
+Josh Estelle Ficou muito bom, por enquanto, tomara possam adotar em definitivo dentro de Google+.
+pouria mirebrahimi escreve em persa, talvez para o inglês se dê bem a tradução, para o português ainda fica um pouco difícil a compreensão.
Mesmo assim facilitou muito e tornou bem mais rápida a leitura. Obrigada!
+Josh Estelle Maybe because of a Chrome extension, I don't even have to hover, except over the comments... Great, thanks! My Greek friends can express themselves better and I can understand them better now! :-)
This is so cool! +Josh Estelle , now it would be even better if we had the ability to choose the language which to translate it into per post / comment. I.e. so when I choose the Translate link in a post / comment, I could choose what to translate it into. Hey - much wants more! Thanks for a great tool!!!!!
That's what I've wanted for my G+. How about to add "Always turn on" in option?
+Josh Estelle A aba das notificações poderia também oferecer a tradução? Agiliza muito responder por ela em algumas situações.
Great work, this is a really awesome feature!!
finally :) Thought about that like weeks ago .. but hadn't got enough time
Hoping it will become a part of G+, not only a plugin :)
Чудесна работа. Благодаря ви много!
That's all nice and well (especially when baked into the product), but as far as Google Translate has come, while it can get you an idea of what's being said, it is far from perfect and often rather comical in its choice of words. In my opinion (and that of a lot of other non-native English speakers), it would be best to be able to either tag your posts with the language you're using for a specific post (maybe having a default, as in "my posts are in German unless explicitly specified otherwise" - and when you're addressing a more international audience or speakers of a specific language, you can tag individual posts, or have the language auto-detected (quite reliable these days using statistical analysis, as you will know).
Followers could then filter their stream by language, or alternatively choose to have their stream auto-translated, if they can live with the sometimes crude results and/or just don't want to think about it.
I think that would be the ultimate solution.
+Markus Wolff I would prefer a better thing: since you can choose the languages you know in your profile, it would be nice if you would see in the Stream only posts posted in those languages. You don't really need to tag them, Google knows which language you are writing in.

There might be then a link to show all the posts.
Sweet! I just requested something like this last week :-)
+Josh Estelle Josh, would it be possible to allow users to select more than one target languages to translate into, and toggle/cycle among each target language when clicking the Translate link? Some users are interested in reading the translation in multiple languages. I know this is not a big use case, but it is flexible, more generic, and it promotes language learning, so this would be a huge gain for all if it doesn't take too much more effort to enable.
Well, machine translation on posts is neat, but what I would really like is set operations on circles, so that I won't spam my friends who don't speak Norwegian with posts not relevant to them. Set operations on circles would have lots of other uses as well.

(I realize it's challenging to implement in an intuitive, non-intimidating manner, but it could be hidden behind an "advanced options" button or something)
Installed.. look forward to try it next time I see some unknown alien gibberish.
+Josh Estelle: Well, the extension is goot, but not that good as the famous Babelfish. I just translated your post into german and it did not sound that fluent. I think that there is some more engineering needed to make a translation into german be as done by an native speaker.
I just noticed that the translate button does not translate if the post has multiple languages. In these instances, it might be useful to highlight a segment that is in another language to be translated, if the user selects that segment and gives a command via the right mouse click.
+Josh Estelle This is great ! How about adding it to the iPhone app or even better the unreleased iPad app ? 
+Aswath Rao Great feedback Aswath. When the extension translates it guesses the language of the whole post and translates based on that one language. So you're right that it will have trouble if there are multiple languages. We'll look into whether there's a reasonable way we can fix that.
+Christoph Dietz I did the same, but into polish. Also not that fluent and 100% accurate, but it gives ability to understand the writer idea, so if this translator will be (and I'm sure it will be) still developed finally it will be as good as an native speaker tranlation I hope, or at least close to it.
I would also love to transliterate in posts without changing the keyboard layouts. the way its possible in gmail.
Nice, will it still work once the translate API is pay only?
Real cool ... Google Translate makes it one big happy world
Nice copy of Google+ Manager feature :P

I am using Bing Translator though, it seems you are going to close translator api and make it a paid service... right?
Very usefull! thanks!
Woohoo! That means that all the Chinese fake profiles that have been adding me to circles will FINALLY be able to understand my posts in Hebrew! Oh, what a glorious day for mankind!
Google Chrome shows the translate option without installing any extension, that can translate the entire page in your preferred language. I don't think I need this on Chrome.
Nice, please add this function to the Google+ app.
It's nice that Google wants to tackle translation,but for several reasons I am only an occassional chrome user and neither my mobile phone nor my ipad run chrome.

So why the focus on one tiny bit? Having automatic translation (which will not take care of the localization problem nor of the fact that linking out to alien language content is not satisfying either) is cure btu I rather have a way to share my postings done in one language only with the people in my circles who understand the language or have indicated they want to read that language. Currently I am forced to have a limited circle aka non public content because of that.

Automatic translation is step 5 for me. Simple settings for what is easily managable is step one.

But that seems to be a pattern: Rather than allowing me easy management of a cirlce, I can go through incoming and use ignore. Which btw I 100% use for people not writing in a language I can read. So nice project - do ping us again if there is something actually useful for the majority.
Thanks for the feedback +Nicole Simon. I'm not sure I follow all the points you make – but I'd definitely encourage you to send that feedback using the 'send feedback' link in the corner.

Per you're point on wanting to share only with people who understand a particular language – I absolutely agree with the idea of some kind of smart circles that might enable this sort of thing, but at least for languages, I much rather help users digest all content regardless of language.
+Josh Estelle The translate function is not available while viewing photo. Please make it available too.
And please make it available in the Google+ app too. Thanks so much.
I write in two languages German and English, is there a way for me not to toggle through the spell checkers? So I could fluently switch between German and English?
+Andreas Unfortunately, the spell checker you're using is likely provided by your web browser, and I don't know of any browser that supports easy toggling between languages for that.
I'm using Google Chrome now. Otherwise I use Firefox. It would be cool to have a feature like that.
+Rosemary Edghill The extension will add small 'Translate' links next to the 'Comment - Share' links in the post, and next to the +1 button in comments. When you click those links it will translate.
Helt underbart. Tack så mycket. Detta gör verkligen livet mycket enklare när man har vänner över hela jorden.
Hurra hurra hurra för er!
thank you its everything i asked for but can you make it work with firefox ?
+cris bishop My hope is to get this built-in to Google+ before trying to make an add on for each browser.
Great idea, and I'd love to see native implementation. Unfortunately my main browser is Firefox. Primarily for ease of Options and Add-Ons management, and Firefox Sync.

Love seeing Tech companies doing what they love to do.

Do Google Devs still get "creative time" to work on their own projects?
Two issues today. When I use Chrome for Facebook, Chrome does not spell check. Other browsers will spell check FB and I need all the help my crazy fingers can get. Secondly, I do like the "Translate" feature. That works in FB which helps a lot. Question though is why does Google Chrome translate using "Bing" translator?
Hi +Cliff Haile, I think you may be a little confused about what's what.

From the best as I can tell Chrome spell-checks within Facebook the same as it does anywhere else. If you can give me some more details I might be able to help you figure out why you're not seeing it... but I can't seem to find any problems myself.

As for Translate, Facebook does have a translation feature. It is a partnership with Microsoft/Bing. Google has nothing to do with it.

The Chrome extension talked about in my above post adds a Translate feature to Google+, not to Facebook.
+Josh Estelle Have been using the extension and have translated several posts and comments. It works very well most of the time. There were a few times it would not work but overall it is a very big help.
+Josh Estelle Can we get this integrated into the Google+ app for android?

It would also be useful to have a setting to automatically translate post if it doesn't cause too much of a performance hit (possibly fixed by next "ask").

Finally, can we get the auto translate built in as a setting for Google+ so that the translation happens on the server side and we do not have to run extensions in chrome (should eliminate some of the performance loss with auto translating every post).
+Mark Lear I'd love to see your suggestions happen, but it will take convincing the Google+ that they are a priority. You can help with that by requesting these things using "Send Feedback"
any thing to make it easier some people do not have time to search multiple places for what they are looking for this would make it much easier
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