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This 38 year old bridge was just a random unappreciated bridge in a beautiful park in Neihu until a few years ago when some social media'ing happened to it and made it an international star.

Is it a must visit when you come to Taiwan? No.
Is all the hype that it gets justified? No.
Is it a pretty bridge that makes a nice photo? Yup.

Sometimes the internet has a mind of its own. 

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The Koxinga Shrine in Tainan holds a special place in both Tainan and Taiwan's history. The old shrine is somewhat of a chameleon and has served as a political tool of the Qing, the Japanese and the Chinese Nationalists throughout Taiwan's turbulent modern history.

The shrine is dedicated to the Pirate King Koxinga, a widely revered figure in Taiwan and for centuries has served as not only a reminder of his accomplishments but also for the influence he continues to have over Taiwan.

#Taiwan #Tainan 

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Jiantan MRT station is most well-known as the entrance to the popular Shilin Nightmarket.

Not many people actually know though that if you cross the street and walk up the hill there is a century old Shinto Shrine left over from the Japanese Colonial Era.

That relative obscurity is probably why it has lasted this long and wasn't destroyed by the KMT like almost every other Shinto shrine was.

#Taiwan #Taipei #Shinto

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Water Buffalo Valley or 'Shui Niu Keng' is one of the new hot spots for the beautiful people of Taiwan's Instagram community.

The valley which is along the western coast of the country between Linkou and Bali has a beautiful natural environment and about a hundred wild water buffalo grazing on the grassland.

As wild animals aren't that common in Taiwan it's a pretty cool place to visit to enjoy a bit of scenery and some wildlife!


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The 160 year old Lee Teng-Fang Mansion reopened to the public after a massive restoration project had it closed to the public for a few years.

The mansion, which is near Daxi Old Street is one of the finest examples of Hakka architecture and it's size is a testament to how great the economy was in Daxi during its heyday.

The Taoyuan city government has done an excellent job over the past two years restoring and repairing cultural and historic relics throughout the super city. This mansion is another example of the commitment the local government has made to making Taoyuan into a place that people want to visit! 

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The Kaohsiung Budokuden (Martial Arts Hall) is one of the oldest left remaining in Taiwan and after being forgotten for a long period of time it is back better than ever.

The building is much different in design than the other martial arts halls around the country but today continues to be an important place for the people of Kaohsiung to learn about their modern history while also practicing martial arts at the same time!

#Taiwan #Kaohsiung 

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Something that has become a yearly tradition of mine is to visit the mountains every year during late April and June to check out the Tong Blossoms.

Living in Taoyuan, which fancies itself as the Hakka capital of Taiwan, its just something that you probably should do, which helps contribute to the preservation of local history and culture.

I've posted a few times in the past about the blossoms, so this time I'm just going to share a few of the photos that I took this year. 

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Its June 4th today, a day when we usually remind ourselves that something important might have happened on this day a few decades ago in China.

Today's blog post is a bit of a rant about a different kind of forgotten history - That of the former Taichung Shinto Shrine which suffered the same fate as most of the other Shinto Shrines in the country but is still somewhat visible if you know what you're looking for.

I know ya'll like rants. Enjoy.

#Taiwan #Taichung

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Taiwan is a small country that doesn't often get recognized internationally so when it comes to superlatives, the people here try to be the first, the best, the biggest, etc.

The Kaohsiung Confucius Temple is a prime example of this behavior. It is marketed as the biggest Confucius Temple in all of South-East Asia and if you visit, it doesn't disappoint. The temple is huge and is one of the prettiest temples dedicated to the all-important sage that I've been to!

If you're heading down south this weekend for the holiday you may want to check it out! 

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It's been a while since I've posted about a mountain on my blog so I might as well post about a big one!

Yuanzui Mountain is a member of the "xiao bai-yue" (小百岳) and at 2100 meters above sea level is one of the highest day hikes that you can do with as little effort possible!

After just a few hours of work you are rewarded with amazing 360 degree panoramic beauty.

If you're looking for a fun mountain to climb on the weekend, this one should be at the top of your list.

#Taiwan #Taichung #Mountain #台灣 #台中 #鳶嘴山
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