ngBoilerplate - An AngularJS Kickstarter

I grew tired of copying a bunch of boilerplate every time I started a new AngularJS project, and I felt similar existing endeavors lacked project scalability, component reusability, and coding efficiency. So I created my own!

There are a few pull requests now to make it even better, but this is still in its infancy, so hop on over and help shape it!
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+Anthony Scotti and +Gavin Mogan Yeoman is awesome. But the problem I have with the generators for AngularJS is that they package by layer rather than by feature. If we store all controllers in a "controllers" folder and all services in a "services" folder, etc., and all our tests someplace else entirely, it can be quite challenging to reuse our components.

There are several other differences as well, but this is a deal-breaker for me.

I am considering making this into a Yeoman generator, but I'll want to solidify the structure first with community feedback.

I got this question on the mailing list too. I think I'll need to add a README section on it.
+Joshua Miller If you can, make an issue on the AngularJS generator for yeoman. I'm not totally sold on either folder layout, so maybe we can have a good discussion and find some way to satisfy your needs. One goal of Yeoman is to consolidate these *seed and boilerplate projects & give users options.
+Brian Ford Cool! There is absolutely no sense in duplicating work if we don't have to. I'll go ahead and open an issue later today. If nothing else, the discussion will be valuable in itself.
Hi Josh, is there support for SASS or guidance on how to swap it for LESS?
+Ryan Vice There is no built-in support for sass, but it can easily be added by swapping the relevant grunt plugins and configs. Should be straightforward. There is also a sass fork around somewhere. However, the successor to ngbp called "Warlock", which is much more comprehensive, supports sass and less out of the box and has a command line utility for configuration. It's in alpha now, but you can check it out here: If you do, let me know what you think!
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