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Josh Chandler

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The superstars who make my job as team leader at Enactus Leeds Met a true joy!
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My personal mission statement: "Be part of something bigger than myself every single day." - What's yours?
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Josh Chandler

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Creating An Imperfect 2014

Whoa, it has been a while since I wrote something on Google Plus. 

Admittedly it was an incredibly busy end to 2014 which included university essays, one exam and plenty of meetings and work for +Enactus!

I returned to Leeds this weekend after a relaxing Christmas break. Part of me wants to eke out the remainder of my break which runs until February but another part of me is already reflecting on the year ahead.

2014. Wow. The years are flying by.

What 2014 represents to me is a continuation of what I started to create in 2013.

What became more apparent to me is that perfection is a myth and that imperfection is the best way to live.

For instance I started a video blog for Enactus Leeds Met highlighting my mistakes as a team leader and what I have learnt from them (

Smart? You be the judge!

What I do know is that what I learn from my mistakes is what makes me stronger and wiser in the future.

I draw tremendous influence from people such as +Marcella Chamorro who are incredibly open and honest with ten of thousands of blog readers. Here's an example of what I mean -

We can all learn something from Marcella as we create our plans for 2014.

Accept your imperfect side. Embrace failure. Become a more well rounded individual who makes a lasting change.

PS - Good luck +Alexandrya-Carmen Mbu from Enactus Lincoln with your university essay. Not far to go... -
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Happy new year, Josh! Thanks for the mention. It's been awesome to be by your side these past few years. Can't wait to see what's up next for you... :)
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Josh Chandler

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I just wrote a blog post for Enactus Leeds Met where I declare to the world that Enactus Leeds Met will always win and lose as a team.

We are not the result of one person's contributions, the team is what defines our success (and our failures!)
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Josh Chandler

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Why Smart People Don't Seek Fame

Too many people in this world are fixated on fame. Frankly it sickens me.

As humans we are naturally self centred to be recognised but some people take it to another level.

I am not just talking about becoming famous in the traditional sense. I am talking about those  people in the workplace who will work as hard as they can to cheat their way to the top.  

I have known people in projects I have worked on who have misrepresented what I have actually contributed to the project, people who have claimed my work as their own, people who have made me do all the work (I am no longer a pushover for those people who are clearly taking advantage).

Admittedly these are typical problems that every team or group faces. Some people will always do more work then others - whether they want to or not - but that shouldn’t be a typical situation. 

Those are the people I cannot stand to be around in life and would never willingly employ in any business venture I launch in the future.

These people seek recognition for every little thing they do and expect to be rewarded generously for their “superior expertise”.

Every time I meet this individual I almost turn to run in the other direction. I have worked with several of those people in recent projects. 

Honestly they are the most clueless people in the world who really need to be told they are clueless.

This may sound incredibly harsh but honestly the smartest people I have met in life are the ones who don’t seek fame and instead just love what they do.

You cannot beat passion. I would hire an individual who shows genuine passion and an electric  drive to succeed over some smart ass who tells me all the great things they have achieved (as if I care!)

Smart people such as Chris Guillebeau  (founder of World Domination Summit) know that your network is your most important asset and you must always nurture it by helping others succeed.

You know what else smart people know, karma is a bitch!

For all those who aspire to be a smart person rather than an individual driven to be ‘the expert’ 

I recommend you read the book “Trust Agents”. (In particular read the chapter “Agent Zero” for guidance on how to become the most indispensable, most helpful individual in your industry.)

I wish I could hand out a free copy of that book (and no I am not being paid a commision to promote this book, I just really value its message!) to all the jerks who consider themselves to be number one.

One thing I can promise you is that every person you meet who acts like they are better than you is going to fall flat on their face at some point in their life. 

Most of the time these people fall out of favor in organisations because they are not the big achiever they once were.  The problem is, these people deny is it their arrogance that caused them to fail.

So if you want to be smart, don’t seek fame. Embrace the joy of creating something meaningful which helps empower others to develop personally and professionally.

Go and meet someone for a strategic planning session (with key action points and dates to achieve these goals by) over a coffee.

Tell someone you manage in your company how much you appreciate their work and what you suggest they do to become a more well rounded business leader.

Simple things matter. People matter. The jerk who is always talking you down in front of others or talking behind your back to spread lies isn’t the person you want to be associated with.

You should demand that you have good people in your life. You owe yourself that much.
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Josh Chandler

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Wow. What a great start to my day! 
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Josh Chandler

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Congratulations to Enactus University Of Alberta for winning Enactus Canada's 2014 Talent Community Challenge - Who Won the 2014 Talent Community Challenge?
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Josh Chandler

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I have just discovered a perfect phrase by R.A Mashelkar:

"Getting more for less for more" (i.e getting more value for less for more people around the world!)
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Student, Writer and Team Leader at Enactus Leeds Met
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My personal mission statement: "Be part of something bigger than myself every single day."
Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.

For those who haven't met me I can only explain myself as someone who loves business and wants to empower others to make a difference in the world.

Personal Values
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • Being trustworthy means the world to me.
  • Being reliable makes all the difference.
  • Being ambitious can drive you to succeed.
Projects I Am Working On

I am currently the team leader for Enactus Leeds Met team. Enactus Leeds Met is a student run non profit organisation which operates as a university society at Leeds Met University.

The goal of Enactus is to help create non profits and social enterprises which help people in need in a sustainable and long term manner.

You can usually found me online at places like Twitter, my blog and of course here on Google+.


If you would like to get in contact with me, please use the link below:

  • Leeds Metropolitan University
    Business, 2011 - present
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