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Next beer to brew, a blue moon clone. I sure wish this was a cheaper hobby lol. 

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Brew day outside with the Grainfather. Bourban Barrel Aged Porter from Northern Brewer. After we did the extract version and how amazing it already is only like 4 months after brew day, we had to try making the all grain kit. 
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Had an "oops" during my brew day yesterday. Actually a few, my mind just wasn't focused I guess. Probably because normally when I brew, I drink. Yesterday I didn't have enough to drink to stay focused lol.
Made a Blood Orange Shandy all - grain kit from my local brew shop. Was supposed to use the US-05 yeast for the beer, yet for some reason I grabbed the Wyeast 3068 SmackPack meant for my Dunkelweizen out of the fridge. Oops...
Should still be good I would think. I'm hoping the banana and clove and vanilla compliment the orange well.
Now I gotta replace the 3068 though lol. 

Alright, gonna do something 'interesting'. Just an experiment.
Built a recipe with Beersmith using most of the leftover ingredients I had laying around plus enough LME and DME to get a decent gravity. Any idea what I am gonna end up with, I'm hoping it's beer, hopefully even drinkable beer. Beersmith says an American Porter.
Gonna be adding Cacao nibs into secondary and probably peanut butter extract into primary or secondary as well depending on how it's tasting.
Still have to pick what hops I'm gonna use, got plenty since most of my recipes I don't use the full amount. I like lower IBU beers.
Oh, and I'm being bad, gonna rack this right on top of the yeast cake in the bottom of my fermenter after I bottle the Honey Weizen that's in it right now.
Epic fail in the making perhaps, but I'm just too curious how all this will go not to try....

3.8 oz Biscuit Malt
8 oz Roasted Wheat
4.3 oz Flaked Oats
2.2 oz Dark Wheat Malt (don't recall what this was exactly)
7.9 oz Cara-Pils/Dextrine
6 oz Roasted Barley
4 oz Black Malt
9.5 oz Chocolate Malt
3 lb 4.8 oz Wheat Liquid Extract
2 lb Light Dry Extract

OG 1.054 FG 1.015
5.17% ABV
42.8 SRM

Moving into All Grain brewing via the Grainfather. :)
Wife and I are also going to an all grain brewing class at the local home brew shop in a few weeks which should be fun. Will likely have a recipe in mind when going, and pick up ingredients to break in the grainfather the next day. Looking forward to this next adventure in home brewing! 

We are potentially moving to all grain brewing sometime soon.
We brew inside, so I don't want propane burners. My stove happily burns 6.5 gallons of water, but moving to all grain involves some new gear anyways.
What are the cons you can think of for the grainfather? What am I NOT gonna be able to do if I went with a more standard setup? I mean it looks nice and compact, and like it does what it does well. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions. Feel free to tell me other stuff to buy as well, I'm open to suggestions. :) 

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Just added 16 oz of makers mark that had toasted oak cubes soaking in it for the last week to our bourban barrel aged porter. Now the wait continues... 

Been doing extract and partial mash brewing for a while now, probably have 8 or so batches under our belt. Wife and I went to a kegging 101 class the other day that was fun and I just signed us up for an All Grain Brewing 101 class next month. Hoping to get some new gear and do some all grain brewing outside this summer for fun. 

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Another project we took on. Growing our own hops (hopefully) this year. We are in a suburb of Chicago, IL, so I think the weather should do fine.
I really don't like going up and down ladders, so this sucked... Got two rhizomes in the garden. Will see what happens. 

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Uh oh, what do I do?
The foam / mead has apparently now moved up into my airlock?
Is something wrong / ruined? Or do I just need to transfer this to a clean jug and a clean airlock? 
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