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Looks like Google was working on a new Camera API, but it didn't make the KitKat release.
commit, cd925885283396c0379ec2dcaa94e318993f40f8[log][tgz]. author, Eino-Ville Talvala , Mon Oct 07 13:24:52 2013 -0700. committer, Eino-Ville Talvala , Fri Oct 11 19:26:08 2013 +0000. tree, 4f461ff3118c20640b4c921e07c86e48a423ab1e ...
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Nice find! Not much meat in the diff, though.
Interesting. Maybe that's why the camera on the N5 isn't that great.
+Mike Trieu there's another diff where most of it is added. I'll dig it up when I get home
Is there any way to follow up on the status of this ?
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