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Potentially big changes around Casting in Android 4.4.1. It looks like full screen casting is possible. At first I was thinking this was related to the screen recording that was introduced as a developer feature in ADB in KitKat, but there's a lot of references to MediaRouter, which is the class that Casting is based on. It also looks like all the Miracast stuff is being rolled into this. This could be just making the interface more consistent, but I'm not sure. Anyone else have ideas?

A key String in part of the diff:
<!-- Title of the media route chooser dialog for selecting remote display routes. [CHAR LIMIT=40] -->
<string name="media_route_chooser_title_for_remote_display">Cast screen to device</string>

Here's some of the commits:
Changes to support new screen cast settings screen. -
Update cast screen strings. -  and
Integrate remote display routes (e.g. Miracast) into screen cast settings UI. -
Finalize assets for screen casting. - and
Disallow applications from initiating cast screen. -
Changes to support new screen cast settings screen. Fixed the Preference ordering code to consider the case where two preferences might have the same order. In that case, it falls back on the title to disambiguate. Previous behavior was undefined (and technically not stable).
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And with the Chromecast hackathon just 2 days from now...
The wireless display screen is much improved. Its just a shame my Samsung TV only allows Samsung phones. Bastards
I just saw this activate on my Nexus 5 stock ROM
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