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I had to do a rare hard shutdown on my Arch machine. I figured I'd ask if there's anything I need to do upon booting it up again to make sure there are no after effects. I know the boot process runs an fsck and deletes orphaned inodes, etc. Is there anything else I should pay attention to?
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Nope. It will automatically check that nothing is borked and then boot like normal.
I guess I live life on the edge cause I don't worry about things like this. I turn it off all the time when I go to work and turn it on when I get home. I say Go for it. 
Ahhh right. Sorry Josh. Good luck.
Yes, +tyler roberts is right, I held down the power button.  I do remember one other occasion quite a while back where I had to do this and it caused some weirdness that I had to go to either the official Arch forums or the IRC channel to resolve, but I can't recall what that issue was or what I had to do at the time. Hence the question.  But I guess I'll plug along as usual unless/until a problem rears its head, at which point I can look into it specifically. :)
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