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Where is the love?

This song popped on the other day while I was mulling over some recent events. The timing couldn't have been better. This world is full of hurt people who retaliate in hate--sometimes displayed as equality or justice. But hate is just hate. You can call it what you like. You can sugar coat it. You can call it a different name. You can justify yourself and why you do it. Ultimately, hate hurts people. So, in a world full of hate, choose love.

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Saw this on Facebook.
Seems appropriate for the group.

Pet Peeve of Introverts: when people assume they know what's going on inside when you're quiet instead of asking

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Blame it on the pirates.
Today I learned... the US may have fully adopted the metric system if pirates hadn’t kidnapped the scientist sent to help Thomas Jefferson persuade Congress to adopt the system.

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This is probably the best thing I've ever seen related to football.

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Say what you will about California, but they are bold enough to do what's right for the people. At this point, we may need to just be our own country.

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How did no one think of this until now? That was literally my first thought when I heard about smart watches. Smdh

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How cool is that? I'm interested to see what information they're looking for and what they'll find.

Poll: if an online acquaintance happens to offend you to the point you unfollow/unfriend them but tried to fix things, do you: 1) ignore them or 2) entertain their apology
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