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Josh Black

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21:39 minutes. Oh well. As interesting as it probably is, I will pass.
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Josh Black

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The Empire has a pretty odd name for a local planet in Calhuacan. Calhuacan 1 is plesantly named "Stapled Peacock Flesh", I'd love to hear the origin story for this planet.
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+Ian Porter Yep. I was a little more, er, boring/sensible/not insane with mine. It's just called "Lily May World".
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Josh Black

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Now 10kly(5 hours at pace) from Sol. Unfortunately I've heard rumors of an impending nuclear apocalypse, so my journey home will be delayed until it is safe.

ADHD Version: Couple sessions from home, but Fallout 4. 
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Josh Black

Explorers Lost and Found  - 
Wait, what do you mean I have to fly back?
And I only flew in to three stars... and a black hole.
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+Josh Black I dragged a fully A-rated and armed Cobra to the core. About 23 ly jump range. But I simply had to do it in the Cobra.
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Josh Black

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Greetings from the Great Annihilator.
(Note: turn away before accelerating)
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Josh Black

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Faced off with CMDR inAbsentia the other day. Me in a FAS vs him in a DBS with no shields and two hammers and two rails to compliment. Fight ended with him down to 37ish% and me with 45ish and no cockpit. Moral. Real men hull tank. 
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CMDR BigJosh
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Josh Black

Community Goals  - 
Don't know how many people of this community are participating in the Dahan CG. For those who aren't, I must insist you help. If you read in to the description, this is a CG for building a planetary stations in Maia... in the Pleiades Nebula.
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I'm in the top 15%, gonna be doing at least two more trips of 224t each tonight.
It may have helped to motivate people if there had been any info what difference, other than payout, the tiers make.
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In response to the rampant use of docking computers in builds. 
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+T. James totally with you on this one my friend.....
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Josh Black

Explorers Lost and Found  - 
Good news everybody, I didn't leave the oven on. But I forgot to give the space hamster enough food. I didn't think I'd be gone that long.

Total Length: 24 Days
Profit: 19,656,613
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+Josh Black The scanning does take a lot of time. I'm just doing a "honk" after each jump now though so I can make it back before the end of the month. Before though I was scanning a lot!
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Josh Black

Explorers Lost and Found  - 
Greetings from the Great Annihilator.
(Note: turn away before accelerating)
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...when I got to the great annihilator I was so excited that I forgot to pull back on throttle prior to exiting frameshift. The sudden sound of my canopy becoming a spider-web of cracks was chilling as I dropped in next to the event horizon.
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Josh Black

Explorers Lost and Found  - 
I'm very tempted to pull the ASP over and press the big red button.
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+Josh Black That is quite a bit out.
Either way, I'd suggest trying what the others said, give CQC a go to distract from the endless jump/scoop/scan, and then either head on or head back.

One thing that helped me quite a bit on the way home was watching some series on the tablet while flying. And I only got force-dropped by getting too close to a star once!
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