Moto X is still going to get Android L (5.0) right?
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+Josh B. This was a faked comment if you're referring to the Germany statement
We are getting it. We haven't hit our 18 months yet.
+Punit Soni
Holy shit, someone THAT important replied to one of my posts... God damn...

Well, thanks for the answer!
Karl M
On that note, I will be a Loyal Motorola user! 
+Punit Soni thank you very much for replying and personally ensuring that this information got out. Very helpful and it means a lot. I am glad I have only ever used Motorola Android phones. Awesome things.
Hoping for the 4.4.4 first 👎👎👎 XT1052 
Of course, us AT&T customers will see L roll out to our phones about the time that Google releases N.
Sad. We really try to speed things up... 
Thanks +Punit Soni for the update! I wish we can have precise dates (within a week) on when we get the update... I love the announcements, but hate to wait...
Basic rule. NEVER ASK FOR ETA'S. Let Motorola take their time. Were know , for sure that we will be getting the update
I just want AT&T to provide updates, we are still on 4.4.2
It's not hard to provide their timeline... If they use Google spreadsheet you just need to share publicly, read only, and bam everyone's happy.
It isn't Motorola's problem at all however. It is the carriers.

THEY are the ones who control when they get released, not Motorola.
+Josh B. I was wondering that for a while... Where did you see that the carrier must approve the update? I don't think they are doing any modification to Android, right? I mean for the Moto line...
+Rhutwik Inamdar me too got it late last night 🌃 local time 22:00,,, 👍 finally my device running 4.4.4 
+David Burrows It'll take time imho
Because it will start rolling the update after Google has officially unveiled Android L. +1 to Motorola for providing the 4.4.4 update before other OEM's but let's be frank, it was delayed, a lot.So let's hope for the best
I have seen several tech news sites that have been referencing this discussion thread and +Punit Soni's response. We made the evening news, gang!
+Josh B. I am sure there were about three or four more sites I read today, but my history in Chrome is acting a bit wonky.
I don't have a carrier (GSM developer edition) how are the updates rolled out to us?
I also want to android 5.0, we are already in December and nothing of this update. we look forward. want some more enjoy what the Motorola X has to offer.
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